Romania: Purity Education Program – My Life, My Family, My Lineage

By CARP Romania

One February 3rd, 2017, we organized Purity Education event. Our subject was ‘My life, My family, My lineage!’ We shared about importance of lineage.

In the beginning, we had presentation about ‘Lineage’. What is the meaning of lineage? How important is lineage? And importance of my standing point now as historical result of all my ancestors. Love and life come together create lineage. Lineage is the fruit. So after presentation we made 4 teams and shared about ‘What did you inherit from ancestors? And what do you want to give for your descendants?’ through this sharing time we could recognized ourselves as connection of past and future. We are standing at the important point to make better future.

In the end of this program lecturer shared one Korean song about ‘Mother and daughter’. It was really heart touching story song about mother’s heart which wishing all the best for her daughter. Through this we all could feel the heart of parents and we felt we want best of the best for our future children. As conclusion lecturer shared that to give best love for your future children we need to be the best version of ourselves. This is starting from questioning for ourselves. ‘Who am I?, what is the purpose of our life?…’ Also, lecturer encouraged participants to come to next presentation because we will share about preparation for the future family in more practical way.

All the participants could feel the importance and value of their life. And importance of preparation for the future. We wish this program can encourage Romanian young people to keep Sexual Purity in order to make beautiful family in the future.