Romania: Friday Open HoonDokHae Discussion: The Art of Being Yourself


By CARP Romania

We are happy for having been able to organize our 4th Open HoonDokHae – discussion session on the year. Through this gathering we hope to motivate and support the spiritual, moral and social growth of our brothers and sisters and learn as well how to assume the Abel position in how we express True Parents teachings and love.

At the usual hour, 5 PM on Friday afternoon, we started our meeting with a welcoming note, explaining what CARP is, what is its purpose and ideal. Each person shared a few things about themselves, including the name, age, place of origin, educational background and personality traits and it was surprising to discover similar characters but we also became curious of the new participants.

The Topic chosen for this discussion was “The Art of being yourself” and it revolved around our understanding of human value, value of each of our lives and the potential that resides in each person and that we must strive to uncover and manifest.

The first thing that was presented by the MC was a poem by contemporary writer Harry Baker and it’s called “The Scientist and the Bumblebee”. It is a poem about the repressed human spirit and the concepts that society and even science attack us with and which often suffocate our creativity, uniqueness and talents, leaving us blinded and frustrated.

“The scientist said the bumblebee couldn’t fly,

She lacked the wingbeats per minute or the necessary size,

But the bumblebee in her ignorance proved him wrong,

She knew she could fly cause she’d flown all along

Imagine if she’d listened to the man she might have stopped,

Given up on the spot, tucked her wings in and dropped,

So don’t ever let someone tell you what you can’t do,

Just because its proven, doesn’t mean it’s true.”

The written material that was presented included True Father’s words, that included many questions for the young people, especially in order to wake up their conscience and self-awareness, self-analysis: “why have we appeared? Why do we have to live and where are we heading for? What is the true worth of our life as human beings and what is the value of everyone? If we have been born despite our wishes, we are living ignorant of our own desires and we die unwillingly, then how can we be proud of this life?”. The second paragraph was an extract from a Romanian website named “the Art of Living” and it stated that people shouldn’t aim to be neither the same or completely in opposition to each other but that they should be happy with being themselves and invest their time to express the beauty of the self.” All individuals can be beautiful if they have the right inner-state.” The third part of this 1 pager material came from “Love, Life, Family” manual and it talked about the integrity, dignity and self-control that we need to live a life that we can be proud of. The last point was maybe the most important one: “Only the one who can love himself is also capable of loving others.”

The first exercise that the participants were asked to do was to make a list with 10 points about what they love and appreciate about themselves, then a list of 5 points about what they do to make themselves happy and last was a 5-point list of what they would like to do for their growth and well-being in the future. After this short introspection, they were separated in 2 teams for discussions. The atmosphere was quite peaceful and harmonious.

These were their final conclusions: from the first team – “in order to be able to be yourself you need to know who you are. You are born and we learn what we like and what we dislike and about the world around us, but then we gradually learn about ourselves as we experience life. For some time we just imitate the others but as we mature through our experiences we more and more decide who WE want to be, while having a personal style. Afterwards we learn and gain understanding of our strengths and flaws and start a journey of self-improvement. Secondly, what gives value to us as human beings is the compassion that we feel towards the others, people and nature. Then there is the intelligence that we were created with and that we are also manifesting in how we shape our lives.”

The second team concluded that: “the meaning of being yourself is in finding a life-style that can represent your inner-self, your values and principles and in so doing to live a life that you can love, that you can enjoy: to be happy with yourself. This kind of love is natural and calm. Such people that are always loved and preferred demonstrate that loving yourself has nothing to do with the ego or with selfishness. It would be a decent life that doesn’t hurt the others.”

We were happy to end this meeting with a TedX video that talked about Vulnerability, about the power of being yourself despite people’s judgmental opinions and beyond the usual human fear of one another. This is our freedom and hope, to learn acceptance, presence and true love and to manifest these things without expectations, without conditions and in the spirit of love and trust in God.

We appreciate all the investment that the participants made to come to the Peace Center, even if they have a busy schedule of exams and we wish to meet again for exciting and spiritual-nurturing discussions. There is a struggling time in Romania, with protests night after night but we hope that we can support our country spiritually and emotionally so that we can overcome this crisis.