Peru: UN International Week of Interreligious Harmony


By UPF Peru, Trevor Edward Jones

On Friday 11th February UPF Peru held a forum to celebrate the UN International Week of Interreligious Harmony. Thanks to Congressman Dr. Yonhy Lescano Ancieta we could hold the meeting in the Peruvian Congress.

Representatives of four religions were present, together with Dr. Trevor Jones, UPF Peru President, Congressman Lescano and his wife Mrs. Patricia Contador, a lawyer by profession.

The meeting was opened with a song from Mr. Jean Carlos Soto the “Cantante del Rosario” who sang “Alleluia.” Then each of the speakers shared their thoughts about the theme of the day, based on their own experiences. Dr. Jones shared some words from our Founder Rev Sun Myung Moon and all those present were given a copy of his speech “The responsibility of Religious Leaders to construct a Culture of Peace”

Following the presentations, a short video of words from the Pope on this theme was shared. The meeting continued with the Water of Life – Interfaith Ceremony – Mixing the waters of Peace

“We now invite representatives of different religions and cultures, each with a symbolic water vessel. One by one, pour the water into the common vessel that symbolizes the truth of all religions and adding to our understanding of the Divine. The large vessel also symbolizes the unity of religions and cultures, recognizing each one, not by its uniqueness, but by its common destiny.”

The final part of the program was the appointment of 17 new Ambassadors for Peace, people from all areas of society including a former government official, members of various NGOs, lawyers, teachers and doctors.

The room was filled to capacity including people were standing on the stairs due to the lack of seating. There were 220 seated and around 30 others.

The whole program was broadcast live by the congress TV channel. After the program ended Dr. Jones was escorted to a local TV station where he was interviewed about the work of the UPF.