Albania: Peace Blessing Festival


By FFWPU Albania

On January 27th 2017, the last day of the 4th year of Cheon Il Guk, as part of 100 days’ special activities until Foundation Day, we organized a Blessing Ceremony at the Peace Embassy in Tirana. Around 90 people filled the Peace Embassy hall and 7 couples received the blessing that day.

The event started with few beautiful performances by Japanese Cheon Il Guk Missionaries, Tirana members and STF.

Despite the small number of couples for the Blessing, the atmosphere was very high. It was more an internal preparation for the Heavenly Parent’s Day. Everybody was so happy and joyful.

Among couples who received blessing this time, we had Ambassadors for Peace who received the Divine Principle education, parents of members and couples witnessed by brothers and sisters. Most of them were invited to attend the previous Blessing ceremony we held in December, but for some reasons couldn’t come.

We are very happy we could offer this even and these couples to Heavenly Parent and True Parents and repent for not having done enough to offer much more.