Kenya: A Valentin Day Luncheon

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By WFWP Kenya          

On February 14, 2017, we hold a special luncheon, with 30 participants which included couples and family members to celebrate love and also to share about the Benefits of the True Family values. The theme for the event was: “The Family is the School of Love”.

The purpose of this program was to share with couples our True Parents vision of establishing True families through education and nurturing of their families.

The program involved group sharing on issues which affect the family which all the guests participated in. Everybody was able to share the challenges which affect the families and also the benefits of teaching True Family values. All the guests agreed that the family is the school of love and the family is the first institution where values should be instilled from a young age. They deeply appreciated this forum where they could express their hearts and share with other couples.

Later in the program, the couples shared lunch, lit the candles as a sign of sharing True Love, Cut the Valentine cake and shared presents. In total 30 guests participated.

It was a wonderful program where the participants shared a lot and thanked the WFWP for organizing the program the program.