International President of WFWP Visits Thailand


By FFWPU Thailand, Kamol Thananoapavarn

Prof. Yeon Ah Moon, representative of True Mother and President of WFWP International made her historic visit to FFWPU Thailand as the first time she visited Thailand which she had given great heartistic encouragement and love and inspiration to all 500 blessed families, 2nd Generation and members in main hall of FFWPU Thailand HQ. Her testimony based on direct experience with True Parents and life of faith guidance for almost 2 hours made Thai families so overwhelmed with deep shimjung relationship with TP who truly our parents who fully living for the sake of Heavenly Parents and all humanity as their children.

On January 16, 2017; Yeon Ah Nim arrived to Thailand HQ at 9.00 pm after her successful banquet meeting with WFWP Thailand committee and top Women leader in dinner banquet in hotel. She received warm heart long line of welcoming of 200 members from main gate of UPF Thailand embassy building to Main Chapel. It began by prayer by Rev. Kamol Thananoapavarn, National Leader of Thailand and Dr. Chung Sik Yong, Regional President of Asia gave welcoming remark and introduce Prof. Yeon Ah Moon.

Her visit is one of the greatest blessing for Thailand FFWPU as True Family member who is the one who closest to TP visit the nation which recently became chosen to be Special Strategic Nation. Thai members are longing and wait for TP to visit for so long… long time, since their last visit in 1965. This is because during 1991 – 2011, Thailand providence has gone through such a serious persecution. We won court case in Supreme Court in September 1st, 2011. Since the victory over court case, somehow the great blessing of HTM and working in cooperation become successful and expand everywhere, so many new members and supporters join and foundation can expand a lot.

Prof. Yeon Ah Moon invested everything by pouring TP’s love and heart to Thai members for more than 2 hours. She shared her direct experience of how True Father and True Mother love members and all humanity, their love and concern to liberate and release all humanity from Satan by going beyond limitation of their physical body and heart. For example, Yeon Ah Nim explained about situation when TF got serious sickness by Pneumonia in 2003, even on the patient bed, he continued to lead, teach, invest to the providence and restoration of all humanity. After Helicopter accident, TRUE MOTHER got injury in her bone, instead of take a rest for long period in order to get recover, she decided to get bone surgery in order to come back quickly to attend true father and lead providence of salvation for mankind quickly together with True Father, even though True Mother realized how quite risky and danger to get bone surgery for elderly woman, she still want to take risk and pain because her love toward humanity and unity with heavenly Parent and True Father.

Prof. Moon continued to share her experience how much True Mother is working hard, pay attention, concern and invest for providence and members. Many members were shedding tears, moved and had life changing experience by her testimony and guidance that Thai members as the first time receive such a deep Shimjeong testimony and guidance about TP from member of True Family directly in our Sunday Service hall. Leaders, blessed families and members determine to work harder for mission of HTM, witnessing and fulfilment of VISION 2020

After Og Mansei, Even though it was 11.15 PM already and she need to led WFWP activities tomorrow, Yeon Ah Nim continued to invest her love to members by taking photo with leaders, blessed families, 2nd generation, CARP center group by group.