Congratulatory Address for the Founding of Hyo Jeong Academy


Women’s Federation for World Peace (WFWP) International President, Prof. Yeon Ah Moon, gave the following congratulatory address at the Inaugural Assembly and Academic Symposium of the Hyo Jeong Academy on February 7, 2017 in Korea.


Honored scholars and world leaders of Cheon Il Guk,

Today is a significant day celebrating the founding of the Hyo Jeong Academy. I would like to offer my gratitude and honor to Heavenly Parent and True Parents. I would also love to express my gratitude to everyone who is attending this event.

True Parents of Heaven, earth and humankind have the final goal of one peaceful family under one God, our Heavenly Parent. They are working step by step everyday to progress this providential goal with a clear plan. The result of this providence is the establishment of the Hyo Jeong World Peace Foundation.

The Hyo Jeong World Peace Foundation embodies True Parents filial heart, who sacrificed and devoted their lives for God; as a child would do for his or her parents. True Parents reorganized the foundation, which is composed of the Won Mo Pyeong Ae Scholarship, Sun Hak Peace Prize Foundation, Hyo Jeong Cultural Foundation, and Hyo Jeong Academy. Of particular note is the Hyo Jeong Academy, which is directing the Cheon Il Guk Academy, International Congress of the Professors World Peace Academy, International Conference On The Unity Of The Sciences, Unification Theological Seminary and more.

Until this moment, there have been so many Academic conferences and organizations throughout providential history. This time, we have to educate society to cooperate with the same providential point of view under True Parents’ direct supervision.

People’s ignorance of Heavenly Parent as the true owner plunged the world into chaos. People don’t understand about having an absolute central point, but rather focus on individualism and having a relativistic perspective. I would like to ask you to establish an academic and practical foundation of absolute unchanging value, cultivating true knowledge for history and for our descendants.

Finally, instead of my congratulatory message I would like to reflect on True Father’s words for the world scholars during the International Conference on the Unity of the Sciences:

However sophisticated our knowledge might be, when compared with true love it is found wanting. We need to know that human beings are truly happy when they understand the Will of our omniscient and all powerful God. True knowledge is the knowledge of God’s Will. We need to understand and see world history and humankind in the way God understands and sees them.

Twentieth International Conference on the Unity of the Sciences, August 22, 1995


World peace begins with individual peace and expands through families, societies, and nations to ultimately become world peace.

At this point I would like to mention absolute love and absolute values. It is on the foundation of love that the values of truth, goodness and beauty are formed. For example, the practice of love is evaluated as goodness. That is, when love is practiced, it appears as goodness. Therefore, it follows that when practicing absolute love, which is God’s love, absolute goodness appears.

I have already stated that absolute love is love which acts for the benefit of others, which serves others, and which is unchanging and eternal. Then, why does absolute love serve the whole and remain unchanging? And why can peace be realized only through love?

These questions require answers. But in order for these questions to be completely answered, the absolute being and his motive and purpose for creating the universe and mankind must first be fully clarified.

In order for that motive and purpose to be clarified, an explanation of the absolute being, that is, a correct concept of God, must first be established. By establishing the correct concept of God, his motive and purpose of creation will be clarified, and accordingly, the reason why the absolute being’s love must be practiced in order to realize peace will also be clarified.

Thus I submit that for the true peace of mankind, it is necessary to understand the absolute being correctly so that we can practice his love and finally realize his absolute values.

The Ninth International Conference On The Unity Of The Sciences, November 27-30, 1980


As members of Hyo Jeong Academy, I hope that you all become scholars and world leaders who stand as models of filial piety to True Parents’ and their vision for the world.