Burkina Faso: A Conference for Ambassadors for Peace


By UPF Burkina Faso, Désiré Yawovi Batchassi

We held a conference on the universal principles of the Ambassadors for Peace on January 17, 2017, in Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso. And we had around 100 guests which included the Secretary General of the Ministry of Defense, and 6 other Colonels of the Burkinabe Army. We also had representatives of 2 national media managers (Sidwaya, RTB) and 2 private media managers (Burkina Info, Ouaga FM) among the participants.

In this event we also awarded Colonel Hamado DABRE, Director of the National Development Service (SND) of Burkina Faso, as the Ambassador of Peace.

Colonel DABRE participated in ILC of Ouagadougou last year on August 2016 and he was touched by the teachings of the Universal Peace Federation. At that time, he expressed his wishes to become an Ambassador for Peace and to work with UPF and help to disseminate our principles of peace within the defense and security forces and the young people who are trained each year by the organization that he leads.

The colonel recommended to distinguish certain personalities of the army and other forces of defense and security (police, gendarmerie and customs). He also proposed a partnership between the UPF and the SND for youth training (character education).

An influential lawyer from Burkina Faso, Titinga PACERE, king of his village, testified about his participation in a Conference of the Inter Religious Federation for World Peace (IRFWP) organized by the True Parents in 1999 in New –York. He was pleased to note that the spirit and principles of True Parents are perpetuated in Burkina Faso by members of the FPU.