Brazil: CARP National Convention

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By CARP-Brazil

We inform you that, from January 24 to 31, CARP-Brazil held the Central American Seminar in São Bernardo do Campo, the National Convention of CARP-Brazil Full-Time. We counted on the participation of 185 young people between internal and external members; who during these eight days attended conferences on the Divine Principle, the course and the life of the True Parents and conference on Pure Love. In addition to these conferences, participants made study and Divine Principle test in teams and received internal guides in which at the end of the day they held a night prayer where the young participants shed tears expressing their heart and feelings for God and True Parents.

Also activities were carried out such as: a challenge to walk for 30 Km following the course of True Parents, hunting charity night treasure, sports activities of soccer and volleyball. During the night, Cultural Night was held with songs, dances, theater, martial arts and so on.

They also had free activities with play and leisure on the lake with boats, ping-pong, pool, foosball, football and volleyball.

This event aims to recruit, motivate and strengthen young people spiritually. At the end of the event, about 30 young people became internal members to take the CARP-Brazil 2017 2-year course.