Albania: Heavenly Parent’s & True Parents’ Day Celebrations



By FFWPU Albania

On the occasion of welcoming the 5th year of CIG and celebrating 50th True Heavenly Parent’s Day and 58th True Parents’ Day we held two events on January 27 and 28, 2017 in our training center in Tirana.

On January 27th, evening time, after the Blessing Ceremony finished at 18.00 o’clock at the HQ where 7 couples received the blessing, around 180 brothers and sisters gathered at the FFWPU Training Center in Mullet, Tirana to welcome the 5th year of CIG altogether.

Brothers and sisters from all 8 communities in Albania and 1 community in Kosovo gathered as one family to celebrated their year’s long investment and achievement, but also to resolve once again to bring even greater results in the 5th year of CIG.

The evening program included presentations of each community activities during 2016, testimonies and performances. Each community, together with STF and missionaries, had prepared wonderful performances.

The evening continued with a presentation of national level activities done during past year and the goals set up for the coming year. Before the midnight prayer, a moving ceremony was organized, where brothers and sisters expressed their love and gratitude to all brothers and sisters, allowing Heavenly Parent to express his love and thankfulness through each of them.

The next day, the hall was even more full, since other blessed families came to celebrate the Holy Days. Around 210 brothers and sisters gathered for the Holy Days. After the New Year’s message, given by the national leader, there were few moving performances and also a moment for most Albanian Second Generation children to receive the New Year presents.

Joy and happiness could be seen in each person’s face and that is what Heavenly Parent and True Parents wants to see for all their 7.3 billion children around the world.