A Youth Service Event in Paraguay


By YFWP Paraguay

On February 11, 2017 and in Itá, the city of pitcher and honey, Youth Federation for World Peace Paraguay held the opening ceremony for the joint work for “Forest Itá with 400 trees of native and fruit species” with two NGOs “Save to Itá’s Lagoon” and “Manifesto of the 21st Century”. This event supported by the Municipality of Itá with the participation of 60 young people.

The event was attended by the Itá city Mayor, Mrs. Lawyer Gloria Benítez de Cantero; Councilwoman and President of the Directorate of Natural Resources of the Municipality of Itá, Mrs. Lawyer Diana Jiménez; Director of Environmental Management of the SEAM, Mrs. Engineer Miriam Romero; President of “Save to Itá’s Lagoon”, Mr. Lawyer Oscar Arnaldo Pintos Ruiz Díaz; President of the Manifesto of the 21st Century, Miss Adalia Yudith Gómez; President and the Executive Secretary of YFWP Paraguay, Mr. Lawyer Roque Antonio Benítez and Mr. Engineer Eduardo Fernández and President of CARP Paraguay, Mrs. Ilmi Peña de Sayavedra.

During the opening ceremony representatives of the Municipality and the National Government spoke of their full support of the event. The Municipality together with the SEAM some gifts to YFWP Paraguay, “Save to Itá’s Lagoon” and “Manifesto of the 21st Century”. Also the “Save to Itá’s Lagoon” and “Manifesto of the 21st Century” offered gifts to YFWP Paraguay as well.

As part of the 100-day activities, the Youth Federation introduced the “Looking for my son” video produced by Sun Moon University, delivered copies of True Father’s autobiography to representatives of the National Government, the Municipality and the institutions. He also gave the certificate of Gratitude and Recognition to the Young Leaders of institutions in alliance for their efforts of love and dedication to his community.

At the end we shared refreshment and then we went to plant 40 trees in two places designated by the Environment Department of the Municipality, The Children’s Square in the Itá Lagoon and the Wetland Plaza of the Municipality.