Zambia: 7-Day Second Generation Workshop

by FFWPU Zambia, Fabrice Djimadoum

We held a 7-day workshop for Second Generation age between 12 and 16 years, from 18th to 25th of December, 2016. The workshop took place at Barlastone Training Center, Lusaka, with 30 participants.

The workshop was organized in order to educate the young one about True Parents’ Tradition of Heart, life of faith and tradition attendance. During the workshop the participants had and experience of going out for witnessing where they contacted approximately 100 people.

The topics covered during the workshop were: divine Principle, Sexual purity, responsibility, life of faith and prayer, basics of UC tradition, etc.

Participants received their certificate during the Sunday service where they also sang some praise songs.

Testimony from participants:

  • “I learned a lot, the workshop has transformed me”.
  • “Through the workshop, I was able to read in the public and I have discovered myself my identity of second generation”

All the participants expressed their happiness having attended to the workshop. They also look forward for more workshops in the near future.

During the workshop, participants were able learn through different lecturers. They were able to have of discussions, sports and different activities such as street witnessing.