With the members and blessed families in Hungary


By FFWPU Hungary

Rev. Jack Corley regional president of FFWPU Europe, made a short visit to Budapest on his way from Sarajevo to Bratislava at the second half of November. Through his lecture what he gave to Budapest Church members, he explained the current providence in Europe and the development in Albania. He also connected us to True Mother’s heart and her situation. Rev. Corley reminded us that True Mother kept all her words and promises, regarding what she said at True Father’s Seonghwa Ceremony.

Mr. Rainer Fuchs visited Hungary in the first week of December as well. During his stay together with the National Leader visited all the Church Communities, including Debrecen city which is under the opening period at the moment. Rev. Fuchs’ message was focusing on how is important to be mindful, because based on our thoughts, and emotions we are creating our life. The life is the result of our thoughts and way of thinking. He reminded us that True Father wanted to change the way people think. It was one of the mission of Messiah as he wrote in his autobiography. During his stay, Rev. Fuchs met many members and families. And this way he wanted to express the love of Heavenly Parent and the care of True Parents.

Education of Divine Principle

The brothers and sisters invited their guests or friends to Divine Principle lectures to the church center or to a rented public place. In some cases, we gave Divine Principle lectures directly and in some cases we gave details lectures on certain parts of the Divine Principle, such as the Spirit World, forgiveness, relationship among man and woman, Jesus’s life…etc.

Blessing Ceremony

Even though we did not fulfill our national goal regarding the Blessing Providence in our nation fully yet, but we are very glad that in Gyor Community there were 2 previously married couples who went through the Divine Principle lectures, the 5 steps of Blessing and participated in Blessing Ceremony. Also we are happy to announce that in the year 2016, there were 7 new members, who signed the membership form in Gyor Community, listened Divine Principle and accepted True Parents as the Lord of the Second Advent.

HARP Hungary

Around the end of November 2016, HARP members held one-day seminar in our Peace Embassy, in Budapest. During the event, participants asked one elder brother to share his testimony about why and how he joined to the church and accepted True Parents. Participants enjoyed the testimony very much which brought them laugh and tears. It was very uplifting to see that our second generations continue to bring their friends or classmates to HARP.

We also organized a 3-day Leadership Training for the older second generation at the end of December which was held in our Training Center, Pecs. We had 12 participants and two of them just came back from DONE program. Those two contributed a lot during this program and shared their experiences with other young second generations. The national leader gave three lectures explaining why we need Abel figure and why we need to become Abel figure as well. And he lectured about the self-discipline and why we need to unite centering on True Parents. We also had some participants who gave lectures based on the topics they heard on ESGD trainings before. As part of the program participants were trained to give public speech and they had a chance to experience “problem resolving” games too.


  • In Kaposvar city, members went to the Elder People Home and offered Christmas entertainments and presents.
  • In Gyor city, members, AFPs and guests came together to prepare for Christmas by listening to the lecture given by National leader about the forgiveness. After that the participants were singing, reading poems related to Christmas and sharing meal together and talking with each other creating strong bond of relationship.
  • In Pecs city, in the name of IRFF, members went to the Mother’s Home and also offered Christmas presents and entertainments. On the other occasions members together with some friends prepared handmade presents. Later, they distributed them visiting the homes of elder people, door to door.