USA: Youth Pastors Reflect and Rejuvenate at Winter Retreat


By US Youth Ministry

From January 6-8, youth pastors from near and far gathered for a weekend retreat at Camp Pecometh in Centreville, Maryland. As more than half of the staff were new to national youth ministry, the weekend was an excellent opportunity for bonding and sharing of best practices. Through discussion and testimonies, fellow youth pastors relayed their own advice on topics such as fundraising and effective communication with other staff and parents.

During group discussions, youth pastors opened up about challenges they faced and asked for prayers and support. One attendee stressed the significance of these moments in her feedback about the retreat. “The most impactful experience this weekend was sharing our vulnerability and being reminded, throughout the workshop, that youth ministry is tough, but God is watching and loving everything we offer,” she shared.

Between group discussions and exercises, these hard-working and dedicated leaders took some much-needed time for personal rejuvenation and self-reflection during a guided walk with God. At the end of the weekend, participants looked forward to going back to their communities to implement what they had learned. “If it wasn’t for these retreats and resources, I don’t know if I would have progressed and directed youth ministry to where it is today. Our team is eternally grateful and will continue to attend and learn more,” reflected one youth pastor.

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