USA: Winter Workshop at Kohoe


Rena Kanazawa, a college student and recent GPA grad from Columbus, Ohio, sent an exciting and happy report of the KOHOE workshop held Dec 27-31 in Benton Harbor, Michigan. There were 50 participants, including staff, from parts of Ohio, Illinois, Indiana and Michigan. Through Rena’s report, we could feel the wonderful atmosphere and how their goal was achieved. Read on for the report and photos.

Rena Knazawa:This KOHOE workshop’s theme was “Take Charge”. We wanted the kids to understand that they have the power to take initiative of their own lives and to change their circumstance. Life is meant to be lived with purpose and we all have something important to offer in this world. We had great activities where the participants got to bond with their teams and share their defining moments in their life. There was a guys and girls night where we got to intimately get close and talk about issues that are hard to bring up in a large group settings.

Throughout the workshop we had fun activities where we went bowling, had team by team competition, and a big bon fire with fireworks. At the end of the workshop we opened the floor for open mic testimonies. Many campers went up and shared love and gratitude for each other. We left with the notion that we are all family and we should start acting more like one. We all come to camp to give and receive love and it was very evident that at the end of camp, that goal was achieved.”