UK: Witnessing to Young People – LA Style


By FFWPU UK, Mieko Davies (London, UK, December 2016)

In 2016 we welcomed Mrs Hiraki to London to deliver two workshops about her work and witnessing method in Los Angeles USA. Two months ago, following the workshops, we started witnessing in University campuses in London. Although we don’t have great results yet, several people who attended the workshops and who watched the workshop DVDs have asked about our progress so far.

Last year when working with CARP members, we all felt limitations to develop witnessing. The young people discovered that they need to work with 1st generation in order to be successful. Second generation have limitations to witness to new people because they lack experience and education in this area and need mentoring from older, more parental 1st generation members who understand the spiritual and emotional content of witnessing. Mrs Hiraki’s successful method of witnessing involves parent and child witnessing together.

We go to Greenwich University on the same day at the same time every week during term time. This regular commitment is so important for spiritual reasons, so we go every Monday for three hours in the afternoon. In the beginning, I went by myself but now there a four-regular people witnessing together – three 1st generation members and one second generation. At first I thought it would be difficult to start this witnessing project in the UK because Mrs Hiraki and other sisters made a lot of conditions in LA in order to be successful.

To my surprise, it was easy to witness and bring people. I felt we could inherit Mrs Hiraki’s victorious foundation. When I started, we found new guests every day and at least one person would read the DP Introduction together with us. Now we have 3 or 4 regular guests. We invite them to the University café where we sit at tables with our books and we read and discuss together. We are working as a team so we all take care of one another’s guests and the guests get to know each of us.

One sister has been witnessing continuously for several years but with very little result. She only ever had one guest who received Principle lectures. Now she has a lot of hope because she has regular guests. One brother whose wife died last year has a small daughter and personal health problems. He has a full-time job. All these things create a great deal of pressure for him but he is determined to come witnessing every week for at least three hours. One 2nd gen. went to Africa twice this year and gave DP lectures to African CARP members and helped with the International ILC in Zambia. He could recognize True Parents’ providence and that it is meaningful to witness and introduce Divine Principle and True Parents to young people. He is witnessing with us most weeks. Also, there are members joining us from abroad to experience our method of witnessing. We gain some extra help and they gain experience to take home with them. One sister regularly comes from France because she has a guest and wants to meet her.

Our goal is to establish CARP at the University and educate the guests to become future leaders. We know that any witnessing is valuable because it is a frontline activity. This is the best way to educate ourselves and the best way to grow spiritually. Through the rebirth of our guests and seeing them change we can understand the power of the Principle and our trust in God and True Parents. We can meet God and True Parents.

Please contact me if you would like to join us or would like a copy of the workshop DVDs (Japanese or English).