International President’s Special Lecture for the Global Culture of Heart and the Arts YOUTH CAMP

Special Lecture for the Global Culture of Heart and the Arts YOUTH CAMP

Sun Jin Moon, international President of FFWPU

January 30, 2017 – Cheongpyeong Heaven and earth Training Center

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Good morning! Annyeong-haseyo! Ohayo-gozaimasu!

Dear Brothers and Sisters. I am very happy to see you today, and to have time to share with you.

Welcome to the Global Culture of Heart and Arts Youth Camp!

How is everyone feeling? As you may already know, we are here in Cheongpyeong with our True Parents at a very special time in history!

Do you know what makes this time so very special? (Answers given…)

These are all good answers, and of course every moment with True Parents is precious. But what makes this time especially extraordinary is that True Mother has invited thousands of world leaders and brothers and sisters from all over the globe who will be participating in the series of events that honor True Parents Birthday and Foundation day.

These include the World Summit 2017, the World Assembly of the International Association of Parliamentarians for Peace, the Sunhak Peace Prize Award Ceremony, the International Conference on the Unity of the Sciences, our Cheong Il Guk Leaders Assembly, and the Great Works program. The highlight and the moment everyone is waiting for is the celebration of the most glorious day in heaven and on earth, True Parents Birthday!

And, of course, everyone is waiting in anticipation for your amazing performance for True Parent’s birthday!

Are you all practicing hard? I heard it has been a real challenge…? Sometimes when we are challenged we can experience greater growth. Please fighting! I hope you are also having a good time and making friends for life? And I hope you are all being moved by the culture of True Love and heart? This is why we are all here, right?

So, are you going to move the hearts of all these very distinguished leaders from over 120 nations, and unite us all together as one family under Heavenly Parent and True Parents? YES! Good.

Please know that True Parents love you unconditionally and thank you for your sincere love, true dedication, and divine talents, and for overcoming all obstacles to bring True Love and joy to the world.

I know True Parents are very proud of you. I also am proud of you, and I am honored to be here to share some thoughts with you today.

When I was asked to speak, I pondered day and night what to say to inspire young people who are students in middle school, high school and college. I tried to reflect back decades into the past when I was your age. I thought about what that time in my life was like. I think I was engaged to that wonderful man there [indicating In Sup Nim], at the age of 17!

I have to say that it was not an easy time. But you are still the one! It was also tough and not always a very happy time because we didn’t have True Parents around to love and guide us. They were mostly away, dedicating each moment of their lives for the sake of the world. It wasn’t really until later in life that I started to build a meaningful parent-child relationship with True Parents. And that is what changed my life.

They are my greatest inspiration. Nothing can compare to our True Parents. Aren’t they the subject matter for your musical? Rightly so. Then who are better to study or gain insight from?

So, how many of you are 16 or 17 years old? Let me see your hands. Wow! Now let me also see the hands of those who are somewhat close to this age?

Now, consider this point. What was the age when our True Parents started their great missions? 16 or 17! In other words, they were your age, right?

Jesus appeared to True Father when he was 16. And our True Mother participated in the holy wedding ceremony when she was 16.

Since you are familiar with their life stories, let me ask you what was the main lifeline that guided and helped them overcome all obstacles and claim ultimate victory?


[Some answers]

They were victorious by having a deep understanding of God and the principle, and by overcoming obstacles and completing their mission with an iron will. They loved others unconditionally, and they lived each and every day with absolute faith, obedience, and sincere filial devotion to God. Through their amazing lives, centered on our Heavenly Parent they liberated us all.

Knowing there is only one Heavenly Parent and one universal truth, they proclaimed and spread this divine truth throughout the entire world, for the sake of all life in the cosmos. They brought us the key and showed us the way to return home to our Heavenly Parent’s original ideal.

Your performance will open hearts and educate minds, as you communicate to the audience the greatest story of true love and victory ever told. Right?

I know it will be inspiring and deeply moving. It gives Heavenly Parent and True Parents no greater joy than to have precious filial sons and daughter proudly and with true hearts singing the glorious praises of our True Parents’ lives. I know you will be brilliant!

Many of you are in school. These are among the most wonderful years of your life, right? Each of you is somewhere along the line in the growth stages right? Can anyone tell me what the growth stages are? Formation, growth and perfection, right? You are all pros!

Please remember that the choices you make now will affect the rest of your life, and will shape the narrative of your life. With this in mind, I want to nourish your heart, soul and mind with our True Father’s words of wisdom and love.

I want to share some passages from True Father’s autobiography, the chapter entitled, ‘Find your purpose, change your life,” These words opened my eyes to find my true purpose, and I hope you can truly find and realize all your dreams and gain greater insight from these precious words.

Please listen carefully.

“God has the same curiosity about each human being. He is especially curious about young people and it brings him great joy when he gets to know them intimately. Why is this? It is because our youth is the most important and most beautiful period our lives. This period should be a time for tranquility as one prepares for the future. The process of growing to maturity is a building block that opens a new era…

We are all created to be great men and women. God did not just send us into this world without a purpose. When God created us He invested His complete love into each person. So we are all created for greatness. Because god exists, we can accomplish anything.

I became a completely different person when I began to love God. I loved humanity more than myself and was concerned with problems of others than with the problems of my family. I loved everything that God created. I deeply loved the trees on the hill and the fish in the waters. My spiritual senses developed so I could discern God’s handiwork in everything.

As I was changing my heart to conform to God’s love I also strengthened my body so I could fulfill my mission. I wanted to be ready to go anywhere, anytime that God called on me…

The body is the container to hold a healthy spirit. It is important for us to be diligent about training our bodies…

As students continue to study, however, they gradually learn to enjoy it…

From that point they will start to study on their own and find their own path…

An interest is a sign of maturity…

There is however, something more important than studying to prepare for the future. Before unconditionally focusing entirely on studies young people must realize what they want to do in life. They must make a determination to use their talents to help the world rather than just serve themselves. Many young people today seem to be studying just for its own sake. Unless you have a purpose in life, your studies will lack the passion needed for happiness…

Also do not define your life goals in terms of how much money you want to make…

Your choice of occupation should be based on your talents or interests. Whether you become a firefighter, a farmer, or a soccer player it is up to you. But what I am referring to transcends your occupation. What kind of life will you lead as a soccer player? How will you live as a farmer? What is your objective in life?

To set your objective is to give meaning to the life you will lead. If you are going to be a farmer then you should set your objective to test new agricultural methods, develop better species of crops and help eradicate world hunger. If you are going to be a soccer player, then set the meaningful objective such as to heighten your country’s image in the world or to establish soccer camps that will nurture the dreams of economically deprived children…

If you do not have a definite purpose in your heart you will not be able to endure the difficult training required to reach the top. Only if you have an objective will you have the power to maintain your course and live a life that is a cut above those around you.”

(As a Peace-Loving Global Citizen, p.326-p.329)


Wow I wish this chapter had been read to me back when I was your age. It is such a heavenly gift now to have God’s truth, True Parents’ Word, presented and available in the three volumes of holy scripture. Plus we have True Father’s autobiography.

I never leave home without the autobiography. Whatever our question or curiosity, when we turn to True Parents’ words and do HDH, we can always connect to the divine source that will illuminate the pathway to victory.

I am so grateful that we now have a conscious clear way to define higher goals and plan a true roadmap so that we can offer something great to humanity, to creation, and ultimately to Heavenly Parent and True Parents. I hope this hoondokhae passage will stimulate you to think seriously about your most joyful dreams and transcendent objectives so that, one day, you will create an even greater victory for yourself, your family, tribe, nation, and world, and for True Parents and Heavenly Parent.

So, at this point, I want to open up the floor for any feedback, comments, questions, or heart to heart sharing. Remember, we can all learn from each other.

When we share we grow, we empathize, and we become more compassionate to ourselves and to those around us. So, right now do not worry about perfection because we are all growing. Only True Parents are perfect.

So put all your anxiety aside and learn to open and share your heart. Whatever your joy or your burden, do not carry it alone. We are all here as one family for you, to support, help, understand, overcome, and give unconditional love to each other and to grow to a higher place that embodies God’s heart.



As True Father has said, “young people must make a determination to use their talents to help the world rather than just serve themselves.”

If we look out into the world today we see so much hate, wars, conflicts, division, and suffering. Observing this reality, we can clearly see there is a lack of True Love and a lack of living for the sake of others. Right?

I think you are all mature enough to understand why True Parents are convening the World Summit and so many important meetings at this time. True Parents are trying to save the world. They have one ultimate goal in mind, to end suffering and return all things and every person back to our Heavenly Parent, so that the original ideal of creation is fulfilled.

These are some very heavy burdens to carry. It is no simple or easy task. So how can we get the youth involved to care, become aware and make a difference? As you think about your future, please keep this in mind, namely, how you can help fulfill Heavenly Parent’s and True Parents’ dream of lasting peace as one family under God.

I know this is a younger generation and I know it’s hard to just do HDH, so I added music videos to make you think, reflect, recharge and rejoice!

Before change can happen, though, we need to know what is lacking, obviously, these days it is the lack of love. Where is the love?


[Sun Jin Nim introduces the “Where is the Love” video, which the audience watches.]

You are also giving your whole heart, body and soul to this performance on True Parents’ Birthday, right? And every day you are making a change and learning something new or making new relationships, pushing yourself beyond your limit

All these changes in your life start from you. When you change or become more conscious, there is great growth. When you change and develop positively, you can affect the world.

As we know True Parents were just two young people who made a change and a commitment to complete their mission as True Parents of heaven earth and humankind. They remained true to this commitment throughout every day of their lives. Even now, they are still giving jungsung everyday.

Their unity and oneness is absolute, eternal and unchanging. As a result, they are dramatically changing the world, shifting the world toward goodness, True Love, the Truth and cosmic peace.

Remember, you are all at the same age when they started their missions. Just reflect on that for a moment and imagine your own, personal great purpose in life.

Before we can think about or bring about a change in the world, we must first take a look at the man, or woman, in the mirror.


[Sun Jin Nim introduces the “Man in the Mirror” video, which the audience watches.]

I’m sure you can relate to this song and peformance. I know you and your performance will all be awesome and will make True Mother and the world happy! You all are Heavenly Parent’s dream come true! You are living examples of Heavenly Parent’s culture of heart! Give yourselves a round of applause!

True Parents said: “The culture of heart transcends the barriers of race, nation, and religion; it is a society of interdependence, mutual prosperity and universally shared values based on true love.” (Chambumo Gyeong p.967)

You are all the fruit of that love. So, in the last hoondok passage that I want to share with you today, True Father teaches us how we should savor and enjoy each precious moment of our lives:

When you are joyful, God takes an interest in you and you can enter God’s realm of love. But the question is: how can we live with joy under any circumstances? The answer is this: When you do everything with joy, do not keep it only for yourself. Rather, share your joy and bring harmony among all things of creation, making them your partners in joy. Your life of faith should be fun. Also, all the work you do on the way of God’s Will should be enjoyable to you. It is no good to do things reluctantly or unwillingly. No matter how difficult, you should not take it as difficult, but rather as something fun to do. This attitude should be deeply rooted in your daily life. (CSG 3-3-2-50, p.345)



True Father is teaching us we should live lives filled with fun, enjoyment! And we all know the purpose of creation was for the sake of joy and True Love. That was God’s motivation in creating.

In this age of completion, we should offer thanks to our True Parents for making it possible for us to have fun, adventurous and creative workshops that strengthen, inspire and energize us so that we can fulfill this mission of giving joy to the world! Right? Yes!

So no more sitting. If we are going to change the world, we can’t just sit down. We need to get up and make our dreams come true. We need to shoot for the moon and go beyond. We need to learn, grow, and have faith that TPs unconditionally love you and believe in you, no matter what!

So at all costs, we must be victorious. Never give up or be dragged down. No mission is impossible as long as we have Heavenly Parent and True Parents in our hearts. Right? Yes!


[Sun Jin Nim introduces the “Drag Me Down” video and guides the audience to stand up and dance.]

If you are tired, still joyfully stand and clap, or dance…it is up to you!

Finally, we must dance with joy at every moment as True Father taught us! No matter what, feel the joy, love, fun and God’s joy when you dance with pure happiness.


[Sun Jin Nim introduces the “Better When I’m Dancing” video for everyone to dance to.]


[3 x cheers of Seungli (victory)]

Kamsahamnida, Salanghamnida, Namaste!

Please enjoy the doughnuts!