Spain: The Cornerstones of Peace


UPF Spain

On October 20th 2016, we held the third session of the cycle focusing on the development of women’s rights in general and in Spain. The theme was: “The same value, rights and responsibilities for both men and women.”

The main speakers were:

  • María del Carmen Quintanilla Barba, National Congresswoman and President of AFAMMER (organization for rights of women from rural area)
  • Dr. Aurora Marquina, Professor of Social Anthropology at UNED (National University at Distance, Spain)

Prof. Marquina spoke about the women mystics in Spain and how they promoted equality from the ground work of writing and defending women’s rights before the powerful in society. Mrs. Quintanilla spoke about the improvements there have been in the latest 30 years in Spain, hand in hand with the international feminist movement.

Around 40 guests attended this session and many contributed to a rich exchange of ideas.

Then we had the 4th session of this cycle ‘The Cornerstones for Peace’ and the topic was ‘The prevention of violence and radicalization in society’ on December 1st.

Dealing with this topic showed us how it is more up-to-date than ever. Life nowadays is surrounded by acts of violence and citizens feel compelled to do something to counteract it, even if it’s just by gathering information from experts.

Other speakers were:

  • María del Carmen Tabernero Urbieta, Professor of Psychology at the University of Salamanca, Spain;
  • Javier Jiménez, Scientific Journalist and Professor at London School of Hygiene
  • Marcia de Abreu, President of Women’s Federation for World Peace in Spain

We expect to upload the presentations on our web soon. Around 30 people attended.