Spain: Interreligious Conference

By UPF Spain – Barcelona, Spain, 21. December 2017

Since October 2016 UPF Barcelona started a project of interreligious conferences in our new centre in Barcelona, Ronda Barcelona, following the example of the same events in Madrid.

We organize these conferences twice a month, the first and third Wednesday of each month from 19:30 to 21:00 pm. Our events include discussion, meditation, video presentations, poems, singing songs and music, etc. We simply include everything that can transmit the spirit of the chosen person.

During last several events, we had some people who already know the interreligious work of UPF:

  • Mr. José Tarragó Ferrer – Former president of the Spanish Theosophical Society
  • Dr. Joaquím Cervera I Duran – Sociologist and theologian
  • Pilar Quera – Member of the Coordination Team of the Brahma Kumaris Spiritual Association
  • Dvuarka Dasa – License in Oriental studies
  • Ricard Rotllan – Former Buddhist monk with a master in meditation and yoga archaya
  • Agustín Pániker – Director of the Káiros Editorial.

We want to continue these kinds of events in 2017 so that we can make a greater foundation in Barcelona.