Spain: Cosmic Blessing for Married Couples


By FFWPU Spain, Maryvonne Jamois

From beginning of November we had prepared an invitation for the Blessing we planned for January 22nd. We also prepared a small leaflet to explain very briefly the five steps of the Blessing, in order for our families to prepare candidates already married couples for this event. Little by little we had some confirmations the days before, and we were all with great expectations, and from 9.00 in the morning a few brothers and sisters were already here to decorate the venue, and prepare everything to create a lovely atmosphere.

At the time of the event, we had 3 couples and 2 ladies widow, ready to participate. Another couple had some problems with their car, and arrived late but could finally make it. Another couple who had promised to come became sick and could not do it. So finally, 4 couples, and two widows took part in the event.

Our MC was a second-generation couple David and Sunhwa, who did very well. Our brother Manuel who was supposed to explain the ceremony of the blessing had been sick all the days before and could not come also, so on Saturday David assumed he will do it. Armando explained the holy wine ceremony and shared some explanations about the video of the ceremony in Korea last year, we saw after (9 min clip). Miguel and Maryvonne read the vows and prayed.

We had then 2 Japanese sisters Satomi and Yoshiko with Carlos on guitar, singing a beautiful Japanese congratulation song and Marcia said a few words of congratulations.

The ceremony finished by cutting the celebration cake made by Ana María, and three cheers of Ok Mansei. All the participants could then share the cake and the beautiful appetizers prepared by Atsuko and other sisters.

We are very grateful for all the efforts done by the whole community, bringing couples or guests- besides the people who participated in the ceremony we had around 10 guests participating in the program, preparing the appetizers, decoration, music.

Of course, we are very grateful to Heavenly Parent and True Parents who gave us this beautiful ceremony, which is always very uplifting for the participants, for the guests and for us. Even though we are very far from their expectations, and to organize is also always a big challenge we want to offer this small condition in this 100-day period before 4th Anniversary of Foundation Day. At the same time, we want to determine ourselves to do much more in this year 2017.