A Non-Member Receives a Revelation and Searches for Sun Myung Moon


Taken from the Weekly Hankook (Chukan Hankuk) magazine published May 11, 1969, in Korean. Republished in English in Portland, Oregon, in an early magazine of our American church community the United Temple Bulletin, July 15, 1969.

If the reader has been following this series, he or she may have seen the story of the Italian spiritualist who could spiritually see the one blessed couple in a room full of people, before she had met anyone from our church.

In this sense, once in a while there are stories that intrigue us because they deal with the realm of revelation. And sometimes those who receive revelations come to know things that others will struggle for much longer to perceive or accept.


Original story by Chei Eun-ho, Religious staff writer

(Slightly abridged for the IHQ Website)

God Has Been Living in Korea” – a young American who was born in New York City has received revelation that “There is a living God on this earth” and to meet the living God he has traveled through 13 countries of the world.

Now he is staying in Korea and is seeking to have the time to talk with his living God, the Lord. He is wandering in the vicinity of the Tong-il Church (The Holy Spirit Association for the Unification of World Christianity or Unification Church). This young American’s name is David S. Colton (29 years old). He says that Mr. Moon of the Tongil Church is the living God.

As the younger of two brothers, Mr. Colton was born in a poor and humble home in New York, 1940. His family were members of the Holy Catholic Church (the Episcopalian Church), and from his early childhood he discussed frequently the substance of God with his grandfather. Later he had disputes with his father too, over religious issues, but recently his father came to an understanding of his attitude of mind.

After leaving college, he had worked at an insurance company, and was later employed by some other companies. After this he enlisted to the US army (25th Division), which is now fighting the Vietnam War, and finished his military service in Hawaii.

While working on a farm in New Mexico, he married Marguerite, a former college classmate. Their life together began in a truck, because Mr. Colton was at that time working as a delivery man for a furniture shop. We can imagine that such a hard life pushed him to go out in search of his living God.

It was on January 5 that the newly married couple left New York to meet their living God, who was supposed to be somewhere on the earth. They had nothing but two small bags in which were stuffed the articles for their daily use. Once in London they bought an old Landrover car to save travel expenses. They slept and took their meals in the Landrover, and in the daytime drove to a new destination.

They wandered on the northern Scottish Highlands, they prayed with deep hearts at a Tibetan Meditation Center. Having spent more than a month, they prayed again deeply in their car: “Oh Lord! Please lead us to our perfect Master, the living God…..”

Their prayers must have been heard by God. At last Heaven gave them a revelation. Mr. Colton said, “God told me to find a Mr. Sun Myung Moon. He said this man alone can give me the light of my life and faith…” And his eyes sparkled as he said this: “On the following day we met an English lady by the name of Mrs. Mod Kennedy, the author of Children’s Questions and How to Answer Them. When we visited her, most unexpectedly she was talking about Mr. Sun Myung Moon. It was too much to be called a coincidence.”

The Perfect Master Mr. Colton is talking about is the True Teacher (Master) whom Christians call The Perfect Lord. The Catholics call the Pope the true teacher, and the Lamaists call their Dalai Lama The Perfect Lord. But the Perfect Master sought by Mr. Colton means the living Lord, namely the living God. Mr. Colton, who received Mr. Moon’s name in the revelation, had wander far, around many countries… [The story continues to describe how with colleagues they travel through Yugoslavia, Bulgaria, and Iran and finally arrived in India on March 27, 1969, with his wife.]

Mr. Colton planned to visit Meher Baba [a well known Indian saint] but he found he had died two months earlier. They continued to wander round various nations, but in vain.

On April 19 they arrived in Tokyo, Japan. For the first time they enjoyed very comfortable sleep. To find the living God they had already spent three months going from one country to another and Mrs. Colton was exhausted. She decied to return to America, therefore, while Mr. Colton continued a solitary journey.

Many a night in Tokyo, Mr. Colton slept in the neighborhood of the airport and in empty churches. He roamed about from one street to another.

Then he heard that Mr. Sun Myung Moon might be a Korean. It was very glad and astonishing information for him. And so on April 23, Mr. Colton set foot on Korean soil where his perfect master was supposed to be living. From Gimpo Airport he travelled into the city of Seoul and stayed at the Grand Hotel.

From his first day in Seoul he asked about the place of the living God at the YMCA and at many police stations. But no one could tell him anything.

He moved to a small hotel near Independence Gate (Tongnim-mun). Here, he wrote down the name of his Lord, Sun Myung Moon, on the pocket of his shirt and walked around the streets asking about him.

“On May 2, a man who saw the name of my living God on my pocket directed me kindly to the Unification Church (HSA-UWC), which had been established by Sun Myung Moon. At last I saw my Perfect Master. That day he was returning from his second world tour and I went to Gimpo Airport with many of the church members to welcome him.”
[The interviewer asks Mr. Colton his first impression of the Perfect Master:] “I was very happy and I was deeply impressed. I couldn’t open my eyes because his spiritual light was beaming so brightly.”
On May 4, Mr. Colton heard his Perfect Master’s sermon for the first time.

“I was so happy that I came. I was choked with tears by his great sermon, which I only spiritually understood. Everything I see and hear confirms my faith in his being the Perfect Master, my Lord.”

He [Father] then left for a tour of the local churches.

“I was told to meet him after his return from this tour. With great anticipation, I am studying the English version of the Divine Principle during his absence.”

[The interviewer asks what his plan is after meeting the Lord.]

“I already feel that Korea is my new Fatherland. First thing after meeting the Master, I will write my wife with his picture and the tape recorded materials enclosed. If only she agrees with me, I want to bring her here and live forever in Korea.”


Editor’s note: So far I have been unable to find record of Mr. Colton’s further contact with our movement. This story is offered in the belief that his story is true, as there seems to be no other explanation for him giving such an account. Indeed, he would not have been the first person to be led to True Father by revelation and spiritual experience. If anyone reading this has any further knowledge of Mr. David S. Colton, who would be 76 or 77 years of age today, we would be very interested to hear from you on ffwpuicomm@gmail.com.