Romania: Workshop for Witnessing


By FFWPU Romania

After the New Year holidays, we gathered in the peace embassy from januiary 4 to 8 2017, to reflect about the year 2016 and discuss about witnessing in order to determine ourselves to carry on our mission in main providence in Romania. It was 5-day process to reflect, study the meaning and value of JeonDo and find strong motivation and determination for (witnessing (JeonDo) centered on our national leader Mr. Jeong.

In the beginning, we were all feeling sorry and pain because we couldn’t offer good result for Heavenly Parent and True Parents. We needed the time to accept our result and find hope for this year. We reflect on 3 questions:

  1. How much I did my best?
  2. How much the other people could find faith in me?
  3. How much I could practice my faith?

And as True Father said that to progress we can’t continue without change, so we need to reflect well and accept. And think ‘How can I do my best?’ to improve.

Afterwards fallowed True Fathers word, ‘Progress is the thing that we need the most. But the question more critical than seeking progress is that of how to nurture purity within one’s self first.’ We studied again the meaning and value of JeonDo(Witnessing) to re- find our pure motivation. On the process of discovering about JeonDo, we discussed about importance of JeongSung(sincere devotion), importance of Divine Principle study and lecturing, meaning of being Able who will bring natural submission and HyeoJeong(heart of filial piety).

Especially what touched all the members heart was the heart of filial piety. When we think about our parents became old but they can’t close their eyes peacefully because they couldn’t meet the child who left their home. Parent’s best wish is that at least once to see their children and hold them and love them. So as children who are with Parents, we must stand the position of Able and bring God’s children back through natural submission. This is the best way to bring hope and joy for Heavenly Parent and True Parents.

At the end of this workshop we made a resolution for this year to promise to God to offer our best. At Sunday Service, we made our offering to Heavenly Parent and True Parents and all the members signing the resolution with our determination. We are so happy that we can do this holy work, JeonDo and we will be the true children who God can trust!

We will do our best! JeonDo is love, JeonDo is life and JeonDo is blessing!


Laura: My intention when coming back to the Embassy at the beginning of the year and for this workshop has been to have an open heart and prayerful heart and leave the past behind. I can recognize that the direction in which my life goes and how I can grow my heart of faith to God and True Parents depends on what I decide, how determined I am, how serious I am and how much I can forgive and love. The points that inspired me during the workshop were about:

The necessity of having boundless vitality, value and power of love, and how we work together with God and the spiritual world to build our faith, that by personal responsibility and real action we determine the kind of subject partner that we will be Second, I got to think about why JeonDo is holy work, how there needs to be constant and sincere devotion so that my investment in the people can truly HELP THEM and not destroy them and even if last year people criticized me that my sincere investment was not real (what I felt sincere and what I tried my best), it got me thinking that there is no ceiling to my best and every year I need to make the effort to see how I can do it better. Painful but useful.

I was inspired by our discussion concerning the Divine Principle and it put some good fire in my heart because I really want to study well and be prepared to transmit the Word by heart. I pray that God can use my mind and body to find new life and new hope on His behalf, I pray to be able to become the daughter that He can trust.

Raluca: After this holidays I felt a little difficult spiritually; especially when I was thinking about JeonDo, I didn’t felt like I’m capable to do it. I really need it! It reminded me about the meaning of JeonDo, and why we need to do it. This idea remained in my mind that JeonDo is first for myself, that is first an opportunity and a blessing for me to be restored, and if I can do this, then I can witness also the others.

I liked this topic about Cain and Abel relationship. I feel that this is a sensitive topic for us because this is what we must work at: how to be a

good Cain for our Abel and how to be a good Abel for our Cain. Also, this is what I want to work at this semester, to be a good Abel and to conquer my Cain with love.

Another point that I need to work at is to find new determination for JeonDo every day, by thinking about the benefits that I can receive from it and the benefits that our guests can receive from coming and studying the Divine Principle.

George (1st year of SES program): These 5 days workshop where for me very good to determine myself. I hope i will keep this motivation and determination during the whole condition. I want to do so by studying DP and get inspired by reading CSG and CBG.

I really got inspired also these days CBG, the True Father life course and how determined he was. He knew exactly what position is needed to be restored.

I respect True Father a lot, in CBG amazing things about how he fought to gain the certification even in the spirit world with God, Jesus and saints. I believe that he grasped, he took this position, that of Messiah. I believe that God prepared him before, prepared the lineage and so on, took care of him. But it his only merit that he could hold on and strive to become the Messiah. He said even Jesus and God calling him heretic. I think unimaginable things happened in his life course. Still I don’t know many things.

If then JD is first restoration of myself, Ii should concentrate on each task to gain and make myself more beautiful person in front of God, and try to improve the things/environment wherever I go. I liked this “If you fail to follow and attend God and TP, how can you help the others? Don’t become an obstacle for others to reach for God.”

Alex (2nd year of SES program): This workshop was different to the last one, I felt it was more emotional… then practical. It was good that we discussed about the relationship between us and how to improve them. I think that made the whole workshop and if we change this we change everything. Also by studying the Divine Principle and apply it we can bring amazing results between us and people that we meet in Witnessing (JeonDo).

Gabriela (2nd year of SES program): I think this JeonDo workshop was very useful and practical. It was precious to me that we discussed more about our inner state than about methods of witnessing.

Through analyzing and discussing openly about motivation, faith, team- unity and our sincerity, I could really see the real me from last semester and I know I could have done better. It is my desire to be able to find and raise object partner together with True Parents.

I admit that until now I didn’t feel prepared to raise a person and I was afraid that eventually I would lose this person as it happened to many people before.

After these 5 days, I realized that it is my responsibility to fulfill my responsibility with most sincere heart and truly invest in Divine Principle study in order to feel prepared to meet the most prepared object partner.

It was very precious time that we could spend together with blessed families and SES and I am happy to share this mission with them. I feel all past resentments are over between us and we start a new year determined.

Cinay (1st year of SES program): This JeonDo workshop was a condition that gave me a lot of answers and helped me make up my mind. Also in this workshop, I learned a lot about what JeonDo really means like the fact that JeonDo is the way to restore ourselves. And I learned about Cain and Abel, both of their roles and what should they do and what is their position.

In JeonDo we must transmit God’s Word and depending on how we behalf we can get the validation certificate from God and Satan. If we behalf selfishly then we are still under the dominion of Satan. If we live for the whole and give our best to fulfill God’s providence, then Satan will retreat. He will be defended. Those are some points that remain in my head.

I learned that if I start to compare myself with the others all I will get it will be low self-esteem and stress. And stress means that we have negative feelings so we should focus more on the vertical relationships.

Something that remain in my head was what Miki said she remembers from True Father’s words. That “If our heart is painful it’s because our heart is small and God is kicking so it can grow”. This I liked very much. Thank you for this workshop.

Resolution 2017

We pledge to Heavenly Parent and True Parents that we will be the Able that will save Cain and by offering more love than he expects to bring him to natural submission.

We will transmit God’s Word, personality and ShimJung by being crazy in love with the Divine Principle, that is the power that brings the revolution of heart.

God can trust us to use our body for finding new life on his behalf and we will do our best to offer hope for Heavenly Parent and True Parents.

By centering on True Love we will work as brothers and sisters to make True Parent’s Words into substance and by persevering we will give motivation and determination to Object Partners.

We promise to offer 12 new Active CARP members who will sincerely study Divine Principle and 4 SES members Active who are ready to challenge for the higher purpose.

We will do our best! JeonDo (witnessing) is love, JeonDo is life, JeonDo is blessing!