Rev. Ahn in Portugal


By FFWPU Portugal, Sérgio Neto

It was a great joy and great blessing for us to receive Rev. Ahn, International Vice President of FFWPU, for five days.

Arriving on November 30, 2016 and staying until December 5, leaving our country early in the morning the next day, it was certainly a deep experience with inspiration and enlightenment for all the members who could be with him and listen to him. We felt what he was saying, was actually coming directly from True Parents, centered on the love, care and concern of our dear and beloved True Mother.

The 1st of December was a national holiday in Portugal, so some of the leaders were able to have lunch meeting with Rev. Ahn at our Peace Embassy. And in doing so, they could feel his big heart of love for our nation.

On December 4, during our Sunday Service blessed families and members in Portugal had the privilege of listening to a sermon with a enriching message by Rev. Ahn, centered on an approach that gave us a better understanding of the value and importance of the filial piety.

Rev. Ahn went through the biblical history of the prodigal son and explained the difficulties in True Parents’ mission, their difficult relationship with Christianity, the importance of the Blessed Families aligned with True Parents’ teachings, the fundamental importance of the relationship between parents and children, also leading to an important understanding of what is happening with True Children, he clarified what should be our attitude in this very special and decisive age of hope, albeit still in the midst of much confusion.

Our immense sense of gratitude to our elder brother, Rev. Ahn, who brought us the huge heart of True Love from True Parents, from True Mother to Portugal.