Portugal: Harp Christmas Workshop

By FFWPU Portugal, Sérgio Neto

We held a three-day program for our HARP students with the theme “I am a Gift” from December 27 to 30, 2016. And some of the members of Harp could attend the program in Lisbon, Barcarena, to reflect and deepen the teachings of our True Parents.

While still feeling the Christmas spirit, our motto has helped us to create an environment of gratitude for the knowledge we can acquire from the life of True Parents. During this time in preparation for the Il Shim purity ring ceremony which we intend to carry out briefly during the program. We have set up reflection groups and talked about the importance of determination, faith and our responsibility in our lives.

The conferences focused on the importance of inheriting this Jeongseong way of life and living as the children of filial piety towards God and True Parents. In addition, we had Yut and other games, and group discussion.

We finished the workshop determining to be a gift to God, day by day and all year 2017.