Peru: Seminar for Seonghwa Students

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By FFWPU Peru, Alberto Florido

From January 12th, 2017, we had a 4-day workshop for the youth in Lima Peru, led by our Youth Leader, Mr. Omar Leon, with 26 participants from both first and second generations.

The program included the following activities:

  1. Education: all the lectures were based on: The purpose of life, the law of Giving and Receiving, the origin of evil and fallen nature, after each conference there was a learning consolidation test. For the Hoon dok reading, we used True Father’s autobiography (messages for the young) and Chong Seong Geong – sexual purity.
  2. During the workshop we had various competition games.
  3. We also had a presentation on the leadership of our church in Peru.
  4. For the social service participants worked together in the headquarters of Miraflores, brothers cleaned in the gardens and the sisters painted the main office areas.
  5. we also had a short trip to our Holy Ground on the coast of Lima in the morning and we did Hoon Dok reading there. In the afternoon on that day, we visited the famous Mari Reiche Park.
  6. For the recreation we walk to the district park and had sports competitions of Football, Basketball and volleyball.
  7. For the Cultural Night, participants divided in different groups for singing, dancing and theatre

On Saturday evening Rev Lee, our Special Emissary, visited the seminar and spoke to the students.

on January 15th we had the graduation ceremony in which all the participants received their certificates from Rev. Alberto Florido.