Nigeria: End of the Year Eight Days Workshop for Second Generation

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By FFWPU Nigeria, George M. Ogurie

From December 25, 2016 to January 1st, 2017, Eight-Day Divine Principle workshops were held in two locations – Abuja and Lagos for Blessed children and Jacob children between the ages of 13 and 20.

In Lagos there were 33 participants while Abuja had 21. The workshops were jointly organized by the Education Department and Second Generation Department. In Lagos it was anchored by National Education Director, Rev Imo Nkanta. While the Abuja one was anchored by Mrs. Natalie Uke, head of Second Generation Department.

The content included one cycle of Divine Principle, True Parents’ course, Internal Guidance – covering various topics on devotion such as prayer, worship, tithing and Hoondokhae. In Abuja, every morning, participants were taught how to recite the Family Pledge in Korean by Special Youth Envoy, Bok Jin Lee. They also learned about ideal family etiquettes. There was a practical session on cooking whereby they were taught how to cook simple staple meals.

Another important practical aspect was the session on witnessing and Divine Principle Introduction lecture practice. Participants actually had the chance to go out witnessing on the street on two occasions. This became a high point of the workshop for most participants. Some of them testified later that it was the first time for them to go out street witnessing and they loved it. Sometimes they were rejected as they approached people but it helped them to understand the hearts of Heavenly Parents and True Parents. Altogether the workshop was indeed a point of new beginning for those children.


Misook Diarra: I learned that devotion connects us to God; and that we can overcome hardships through a life of devotion. But what really touched my heart was the lecture on ‘Life of Prayer.’ I was never conscious that just praying for myself was so selfish. I was also not so conscious of God’s feelings. I had never considered how I, as a daughter of God, could help in the work of restoration. Through this workshop my consciousness has been awakened. My new resolution is that whenever I pray I will put our Heavenly Parent first before anything else. No matter my own condition, no matter what I pass through, I will always think of how I can help in the providence. Also, I really did not know that coming late to church was being so rude to God. But I thank God for the wonderful education I have received.

Shin-Shil Oko: I felt touched, inspired and motivated when the Third Blessing – Have Dominion – was explained. It made me aware of nature, my immediate surrounding and many more things. It led to my resolution that I will take care of my surrounding and to try my best to educate others regarding cleanliness of the surrounding.

Michael Smart: Our life of attendance is what pleases God so much. The Heavenly Parent is always very happy to see us live as expected. We learned about different kinds of prayer and worship. And I have resolved to change the standard of my life and to become more devout in order to attend Heavenly and True Parents even in my hostel without making excuses. Even when there are challenges, I will overcome. I resolve, especially as we enter the New Year, to study the Principle more and to put it into practice at all times by putting God first in all things and to live my life for the sake of others.

Soona Ogurie: The witnessing was the most interesting part for me…What really made this one special is that for once in my life I’m actually proud of being a 2nd Gen. I am proud of the Divine Principle and most of all I’m proud of True Parents. Before a person can confidently witness to people and proclaim True Parents he/she has to be confident in the Divine principle… Born in the movement and now I’m 16 years old, my whole life I’ve been taught about it. Every day we literally sing it like a song … but now I truly believe it in my heart and not just in my brain. I am 100% sure of it just like I’m sure that my name is Soona. I’m glad that this 8-day workshop made me realize this and now there is no one I approach, in course of witnessing, that will not see that I believe in what I am saying, because they will perceive my confidence.