Nigeria: Ceremony to send off the CARP Core Leaders to Pioneering Witnessing

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By CARP Nigeria

CARP Nigeria held the ceremony to send off the CARP Core Leaders to Pioneer Witnessing with about 80 participants at the National HQ, Peace Embassy on January 1, 2017 from 11 am to 12 noon.

This historical moment was already started from September. Right after we finished the first 7-Day Divine Principle workshop, 5 participants decided to stay at the CARP center and offered themselves for God’s work. They did fundraising for one month with us and we went witnessing together every day. We trained them to be able to give Divine Principle lecture and we always held group study for the research of Divine Principle. As time went by, they were getting to understand the Divine Principle and Heavenly Parents’ heart. They started to organize the 1 Day workshop and give lectures by themselves. After that, they prepared for the second 7-Day Divine Principle workshop and we made 22 participants within just one month. They were fully involved in all of our programs during the period of the 7 days. It was really successful.

Now, they have become leaders for the future of CARP Nigeria. They are ready to offer themselves for God providence. We decided, from this New Year, to open a new CARP center in another state. We selected 3 persons to become pioneers and we decided to send them to Lagos state as their mission place. It takes around 10 to 12 hours by car from Abuja to Lagos. We already have a good church foundation in Lagos. There are many family members and prepared second generations who are willing to be part of CARP. So, we considered this state to be the best place to start CARP pioneering.

In this event, FFWPU Nigeria President, Rev. George Ogurie gave the opening speech. After that, the representative of CARP Pioneers, Mr. Honnon M. Jules and Happiness Dzungul took Pioneer’s Oath. They pledged to become great Cheon Il Guk leaders who will inherit the tradition of True parents as CARP pioneers.

Certificates of appointment were presented to the 3 Pioneers of CARP Lagos chapter and 4 new Leaders of CARP Abuja chapter. They were also presented an anniversary badge with the World CARP logo.

Word of encouragement was given by Special Envoy to Nigeria, Rev. Shang Seon Park. He spoke about the providence of Noah’s family and emphasized that ‘Pioneer should have pure heart like Noah. Everybody may think you guys are reckless but through your sincere heart, people can be changed. No matter where you are, you always should have God’s words in your heart.’

Lagos CARP Pioneer Leader, Mr. Honnon M. Jules gave the words of determination. He promised to set a strong foundation for CARP in Lagos state. Word of gratitude was given by president of CARP University of Abuja, Joseph O. Nkwo who also swore to make CARP activities move forward with CARP Lagos chapter and establish high standard of CARP.

After the inspired speech, the congregation sang a song ‘Sarang Hae’ together to give them encouragement. We sang the song from our depth of our hearts for the CARP pioneers and core leaders. All participants were touched. It was a wonderful moment. And after taking the closing photo, the event ended at 12:30 p.m.

The CARP Pioneers will be going to the University of Lagos first. No matter how difficult it is, they will never give up this mission. We always believe that as long as we stand on the way of God’s providence, Heavenly Parents and True Parents will always be with us and protect us and lead us. We must succeed in order to achieve the goal for the vision 2020. We will definitely become children of true filial piety to Heavenly Parents and True Parents. We will do our best! Aju!