Italy: Christmas Festival in Rome


By FFWPU Italy, Elisabetta Cali

FPWU Rome, organized a special festival to convey True Parents’ love from Jesus to its members and guests.

We do it every year, as a chance to explain the Principle’s view on the messiah and testify about True Parents. Several families, with their children attended the event, starting with the Sunday service in the morning. Several passages from True Father’ speeches about Jesus were red, until the explanation of the True Parents as the second advent of the messiah, to give Blessing to all mankind.

Among the guests, some Christian pastors that appreciates the content a lot. Especially due to the explanations on the Biblical passages that were included in the presentation. Some of them come from the UPF foundation and attended previously our conferences.

Following we shared a nice lunch all together and started the afternoon program with music, family games and finally a lottery with natural products from our farm as prizes. All program was organized by our 2nd generation. Poems, songs and musical performances enriched the program.

In a final speech, we expressed our gratitude to all participants and reminded them the importance to come again to deepen the understanding of the Divine Principle.