Italy: CARP Winter Workshop


By Italian Second Generation Department

The Italian CARP winter workshop was held in Rome (Colle Mattia) from December 8th to the 11th 2016, with around twenty participants from different cities. The motto was “Carp awakening: the force is in you!” and it encouraged the participants to find and strengthen the power within each one of us through lectures, discussions and various activities.

The staff committee formed by Antonio Vallone, Fiorella Capone and Elena Chirulli guided the workshop which started off with a lecture given by a second generation, Pietro Rossi about the importance of living the Divine Principle in our life sharing practical examples and insights. The participants had the chance to hear some deep and inspiring testimonies given by the representatives of the 1st and 2nd generation about their life of faith and witnessing experiences and take part into a “debate” activity with important topics such as the family, marriage, homosexuality, freedom and others. The next day, after a nice stretching and hdh session, the whole group headed to the center of Rome for the city challenge. The participants, divided in teams, had several tasks to do: interviewing people about deep topics such as true love, God, the future of humanity, the spiritual world, introducing Carp to young people, distributing True Father’s autobiography etc…, and at the train station the whole group offered some Christmas songs and raised some funds for the association.

In the afternoon, we had the “CreActivity Time”: a time for the young carpies to use their creativity and wonderful talents. There were groups for yoga, football, a cappella singers and mask making which were really appreciated as the participants could enjoy and share their talents and passions with others.

In the next session was given some time for a deep sharing and prayer in pairs which gave the chance to deepen the connection of heart among the participants and the day ended with a representative prayer, a song and cheers of Mansei.

The next day our national leader, Giuseppe Calì, gave a lecture about the effective ways of teaching the Divine Principle which must be considered as an act of love toward the others and not as just transmitting the knowledge. After the insight into the Divine Principle, we held the DP Contest; a great experience for the participants to challenge themselves and prepare a short lecture followed by feedbacks about the exposition, clarity, content and visual impact. In the evening, we celebrated the 50th anniversary of Carp with an introduction video of True Mother’s speech and a family evening with wonderful performances and group dances. On the last day, Giuseppe Calì gave a lecture on “how to transform people’s life and improve ourselves” which gave the participants a deep insight into witnessing followed by an open discussion about the development of Carp and future plans. Toward the end of the workshop we welcomed Roberto Preciutti, a second gen who joined the Carp committee and we thanked Antonio Vallone for his dedication in the past two years as he left the Carp national committee.

To conclude we had a final prayer, cheers of Mansei and a group photo followed by a delicious meal. We all felt that this workshop was a step forward in Carp Italy. We are more conscious of what Carp is and what it has to offer to the society and we are ready to go out and make our own contribution as young Unificationists.

Thank you and God bless.