Italy: A New Approach


by CARP Italy, Chiara Amigoni

On Sunday 18th of December 2016, the CARP members of the Bergamo community organized an interesting witnessing activity, which took place in the town centre.

Over the two months preceding the Christmas holidays, a small group of 2nd generation had been meeting up twice a week in order to make origami style Christmas decorations, which were made with coloured paper, festive ribbons and lots of creativity.

After much effort 300 little Christmas trees were made. All of which were later wrapped up in small packages containing a short message from True Father and a leaflet explaining the activities of the CARP.

Earlier in the month several members baked and arranged a cake for sale after Sunday Service in order to raise funds for the materials. The idea of organising this CARP event was not only to promote its activities on a local scale but also to inspire people through the act of giving, and by doing so, spark their curiosity.

In fact, many of the passers-by where surprised to receive a gift and wanted to know more about the organisation, giving the young members a chance to share and witness. The event, which was held in Piazza Mascheroni in the Upper Town of Bergamo, went very well and the decorations were soon finished. A total of sixteen 2nd generation took part in the initiative and all felt inspired to have contributed to the positive outcome of the event.