Italian HARP Winter Workshop


By HARP Italy

This year the Italian HARP winter workshop was held from December 27th, 2016 to January 2nd, 2017, in our workshop facility of Colle Mattia (Rome). We had 33 participants from all over Italy and Italian Switzerland.

The motto for the workshop was “Where Giants Dare” and it refers to everyone’s great potential, but also to our past: our parents and those who came before us (our “giants”). Indeed, much of the content was about God, True Parents, and our own parents, whom we consider to be our “Giants” par excellence.

Topics thus ranged from how to work on our relationship with God, our parents and fellow 2nd generation, to purity and our lifestyle. Lectures were given by various speakers, namely Uncle Giuseppe Calì and the members of the HARP Committee.

The workshop included several activities, both internal and recreational, and all contributed to creating a very positive atmosphere of joy and unity: year after year, the HARP community does feel more and more like a family, where participants can enjoy healthy relationships and honestly share with fellow participants and staff.

Highlights of the workshop were the prayer evening, the “Appreciation activity” (which allowed participants to express gratitude to each other in an anonymous way, making everybody aware of his/her value and impact we all have in each other’s lives), discussions, Purity talks and the Challenge Day (which was a surprise Challenge Night).

We could also end the solar year in a creative fashion, with a costume party (where participants dressed up as fantasy characters) closed by a prayer by Uncle Giuseppe Calì.

Lastly, the traditional Family evening was a chance for teams and participants to express their creativity and joyfully conclude the workshop altogether.

We want to send our heartfelt thanks to the participants’ families for their support, to the participants for the commitment and enthusiasm throughout the workshop, to the staff team, to our wonderful location of Colle Mattia and the Rome community for their hospitality and contribution, and, most importantly to our True Parents for their precious guidance.

This year’s workshop was great, and we hope that the experience lived here will help them grow and develop their character during this coming year.

Best regards from the Italian HARP Committee, and the Italian HARP family.