DR Congo: Heavenly Tribal Messiah Blessing


By FFWPU DR Congo, Siasia Ganda-Muzima Patience

As part of True Parents birthday celebrations and the fourth anniversary of the foundation day, the FFPMU Kongo Central wants to give an offering to heaven through seminars and blessings organized in villages around Matadi.

This Sunday, January 29, 2017, we were in «Kinzambi village” located on Inga dam’s reoad 40 Km from Matadi, a village of 504 inhabitants. The specialty of this village is that we organized the gift of clothes during the month of December 2016 and the Duke is very positive and open. He mobilized his relatives because mostly, this village is populated by the followers of “Bundu dia Kongo”, an African church that preaches that God sends a savior for each race. So Jesus is the savior of the whites and Simon Kimbangu the savior of the blacks.

This church also advocates the rejection of other races and the development that must start from belief only to black ancestors, a very hostile environment. But we decided to organize a blessing while being sure that heaven will open a breach. 45 people took part in the interfaith peace blessing festival of which 12 couples received the blessing including the Duke of the village and 4 notables. The Holly wine was taken in a festive atmosphere and accompanied by a song they sang saying “happy families who are in peace and we are these families”. They danced during all stages of the blessing and in the end they wished that we would return in February 2017 for a great blessing they will undertake the mobilization because they better understand the value of the blessing.

Blessing Education Seminar

On Wednesday, January 25, 2017, the Family Federation for World Peace and the Unification of the Province of Kongo Central gave a seminar to prepare couples for the blessing in Songololo. The city of Songololo is located at 280 km from Kinshasa, in the province of Kongo Central, with a population of more than 50,000 people. The seminar took place in the temple of the Protestant church of the square and it brought together 42 participants including three pastors.

It was for the first time that the audience heard the words of True Parents and the positive and amazing surprises. The haven worked so hard that at the end there was no any question, only the ardent desire of each participant to receive the blessing as well as anxiety for the follow-up to give for those who came without their partners. We will leave for other explanation and for the blessing the next month because the participants volunteered to accompany us in the mobilization of a significant number of couples who will receive the blessing.

The Heavenly Parent and the True Parents have just broken a wall in the dark.

May the Heavenly Parent bless you!