Ghana: Visiting Refugees at Ageikrom Camp


By WFWP Ghana, Marthe Whyte

On December 28, 2016, a team of four sisters, visited the refugees Camp of Ageikrom in a town near Elmina in the Central Region to hold an education program.

We had 34 participants and among them there 20 couples.

Mrs. Vivian Nkasia gave an overview about the HIV/AIDS awareness to the audience. Then Mrs. Marthe Whyte, president of WFWP Ghana, gave a point presentation on family values under the topic: ‘’the family is a school of love and peace.’’

All the participants were so touched by the content of the lectures. That is why they urged us to come back and organise an education program for their youth. At a point, one of the participants burst into tears, feeling so sorry for failing in guiding her children.

Most of the women participants also wanted us to come back and organise the ceremony (blessing ceremony) allowing their family to renew their marriage vows.

We will visit the camp on January 2017 for more education programs for the families and prepare a Heavenly Tribal Messiah blessing early February 2017.