France: Workshop and Blessing


By FFWPU France

Since a long time, we planned to hold a Blessing on Sunday, January 15th. Our dilemma was either to organize a “quick Blessing” or to educate more extensively the potential candidates.

Finally, we decided to organize a one-day seminar on January 14, 2017, based on Tim Miller’s lecture for Peace Ambassadors. One couple and two guests attended this workshop.

For the Sunday morning Blessing, we had 9 potential couples but several problems happened (sickness, etc.) and no couple came on time! Fortunately, one couple could come at the end of the morning and receive the Blessing.

We are now thinking to prepare the couples more in advance, with shorter lectures (40 minutes), that we will give either in one day or on several evenings:

  1. Ideal of God
  2. The Fall
  3. Restauration
  4. True families and World Peace

We are preparing a new invitation.