France: End of the Year Workshop


By CARP France

CARP workshop which was held on December 30 to January 1, 2017, was an opportunity for CARP members to gather and celebrate the new year. The motto for event was: “Reveal your inner beauty”. It was chosen in accordance with this period of festive atmosphere. Indeed, the tradition wants us to get externally prepared for the end of the year by dressing beautifully, decorating the house, buying presents, etc. And in this way, we usually spend a lot of money and tend to become more materialistic. The goal of the workshop was to remind us not to focusing too much on external matters, but rather make this, a time of reflection on the year that just ended and on what we are going to do on the upcoming year. Is the real beauty expressed by the nice clothes we wear or the richness of our hearts?

The workshop took place at Chamarande and we had around 50 (second generation) participants.

On December 30th, we started by a brief presentation of the motto and had a short ice-breaking game to introduce ourselves as there were new people from STF who visited the French community for the first time. We also honored True Parents country by playing “Yut” which is a traditional game in Korea. There was a strong fighting spirit to win the game in each team. Participants showed their determination and hope with their incredible shouts.

On December 31st, we started the day with a hoondokhae on the theme of the True Person. Then we had a lecture by Franz-Pol LADOUCE, president of CARP France, who talked about our perception of beauty, which is different for each one of us. Franz- Pol also asked us to discuss on the question: “We have always been taught about the truth and the goodness. What about beauty?”. Participants were inspired by the theme of beauty. We could notice that all of us second generation members have a really strong sense of feeling beauty, either in nature, in music or art, or in other people.

The afternoon was dedicated to short activities. First there was a dancing activity. Takayuki Wada created a small dancing choreography and taught us. Then there were cooking, games, decoration and self-preparations for the New Year’s Eve party. We decorated the house as if it was a grand gala. With the cooking activity, we prepared the buffet for New Year’s Eve dinner.

Finally, the New Year’s Eve Gala started at 8 pm with the buffet. More people joined and we were nearly 60 people. It was a joyful time to celebrate the new year as brothers and sisters. There was music for those that wanted to dance and games.

On January 1st, we started the day with hoondokhae. After that we cleaned the house and prepared the room for the first Sunday Service of the year. And our workshop ended at noon, after the Sunday Service.

This workshop was a success thanks to all the participants that created a really a family atmosphere. Everyone took part at all the activities with joy and good humor. We could gather and celebrate at the end of the year with a vertical relationship with God and True Parents. And we are ready to start a new year with great determination! AJU!