Dominican Republic: 7-day Seminar for University Students

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By CARP Dominican Republic


We organised a 7-day of Divine Principle seminar from January 2 to 8, 2017, centring on FFWPU Dominican Republic and our special envoy Rev. Dae Hee Hong. The theme for our seminar was “Let’s become the heavenly soldiers to build the Cheon il Guk by 2020”

40 young student’s attended together with staff members. Knowing that we are living in the era of the realisation of cheon il guk and that we are a providential and strategic nation for the vision 2020, we began the year 2017 with the determination to live according to the ideals of true parents.

During this seminar, we made a condition of devotion to God and the True Parents climbing the highest mountain in the Caribbean region “Pico Duarte” with a height of 3,087 meters above sea level. CARP members and the participants determined to work during the year 2017 to introduce the Divine principle to the largest number of young university students in our nation.

With great devotion in our hearts when we reached the top of the mountain with tears in our eyes we applauded and did three cheers of Ok-mansei declaring the victory for heaven, we all understood that this year is crucial to achieving this goal so that we can comfort God’s and True Parents’ hearts.