Czech Republic: Blessing Ceremony


By FFWPU Czech Republic

On January 21, 2017, a Blessing Ceremony for three couples was held in the Czech Republic—at the HQ building in Prague. One couple that could not be present now, had received already the Blessing earlier, but also belongs to this Blessing.

The event started with a lecture to explain the meaning of the Blessing by Mr. Martin Slezák. The Holy Wine Ceremony was conducted by Juraj & Erika Lajda. One sister of one newly blessed couple shared that she had a profound experience while drinking the holy wine.

The officiators of the Blessing Ceremony were Petr & Martine Masner. There was a good and serious atmosphere filled with joy and God’s blessings. For the benediction, we used the video with True Father’s prayer— many people were deeply moved in the audience.

Then came time for the Chastisement Ceremony which was rather amusing the audience. The newly blessed couples started their 40-day separation period, and prepare themselves for the Three-Day Ceremony. The whole event was followed by three cheers of Mansei, entertainment and refreshments.