CARP Outreach in Vienna


By CARP Austria, Jenny B. and Akio F.

After the European Leaders meeting in Prague in March 2016, Nina Urbonya, the liaison from CARP USA followed an invitation to Vienna to create a connection with Carp Austria. Besides presenting the activities of CARP USA, Nina also introduced the “Step Up” program, a series of interactive lectures they developed, based on the DP. In the following months Akio F. (member of the Vienna CARP team), Lukas L. (member of the Vienna HARP team) and Jennifer B. (Vienna Youth Pastor) attended a webinar organized by CARP USA explaining all the 7 Step-Up lectures, namely:

  1. We all come from the same common source, a God of love;
  2. We all ultimately want to experience joy;
  3. Each person is a valuable part of humanity;
  4. We have the freedom to create and manifest any possibility;
  5. We mature through pursuing truth, beauty, and goodness;
  6. We can develop genuine relationships through sincere and selfless interaction;
  7. We contribute to society through mastery of our unique creativity.

After completing the webinar, Akio, Lukas and Jennifer organized two Step-Up lectures in Vienna in order to try out the new content.

In July Akio participated in the Global Momentum in Las Vegas, a national gathering for CARP members organized by CARP USA. During this occasion, Akio could finally receive all the Step-Up material in order to fully implement the program in Vienna.

During the summer Akio and Jennifer reached out to several CARP members in order to form a core outreach team, but this proved to be rather challenging. They also made plans for the start of the new semester and in the end it was decided to have a Step-Up lecture every second Thursday alternated by a social event every other week. The idea behind it was to focus on internal guidance during one week and the following week to take the chance to develop deeper relationships with the guests.

From October to December 6 Step-Up lectures took place at the Vienna CARP Center. 5 of the lectures were given by CARP members and the last lecture before the Christmas break was given by Dr. Wolfgang Czerny. The guests who came were either friends of CARP members, colleagues from university or work or people witnessed to by 1st or 2nd generation members. Besides giving the lectures, several CARP members were always ready to help with doing MC, preparing the buffet, taking pictures or simply by joining our event. On average we have had around 10 participants for each lecture, with a total of 7 guests from all the events.

In December one of our guests, a young lady who is originally from Albania, joined CARP and the Family Federation. She already knew the content of the Divine Principle from Albania and was happy to find us in Austria.

After the last Step-Up lecture in January, there will be a one-day workshop at the Vienna HQ where guests will be presented with deeper content from the Divine Principle.

Here is an article on the America CARP website about the first Step Up program in Austria.