Canada Celebrating True Parents’ Birthday

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By FFWPU Canada, Lilly Tadin

On Saturday, January 21st, 2017, FFWPU, UPF and WFWP jointly organized the third annual celebration of True Parent’ Birthday in Toronto, Canada.

Dr. Moonshik Kim, Chairman, UPF, Canada and the National Leader of FFWPU together with the organizing committee spent several months planning for the third annual birthday celebration of our True Parents.

Early evening the banquet room at Kings’ Garden was quickly filled with many members and guests from various communities and organizations. Happy faces from friends were full of smiles and small children were running around with their friends. After all, why did we come together but to show respect and bring joy to our True Patents on their birthday.

Once the delightful buffet dinner was served, Dr. Moonshik Kim gave welcoming remarks with a wonderful introduction on True Parents life and their achievements. The introduction on True Parents life set the tone for the following speaker, former Member of the Provincial Parliament of Ontario, Ms. Margaret Best. She shared her inspiring experience at the ILC in Washington, DC and went on to say how she was moved by not only the message of world peace under the banner of “one family under God” but even more so by the genuine love she felt from all the members of the unification movement. Among her many insights, was her conclusion that even though she just met us, she felt a sense of belonging, she felt like she was a member of this worldwide effort already.

Another notable speaker, visitor to Toronto, Canada, Ms. Hanah Kim, the former assistant to Korean War veteran, US Congressman Charles Rangel, is on special tour for four months to visit 24 nations that fought in the Korean War. Canada is one of the first nations. She will visit the Korean War Memorial, and is hoping to gather stories of war that will be documented. During her speech, she emphasized the beauty of one family working together to bring world peace and living for the sake of others.

The highlight of the program was the speech given by the Bishop Dr. Jessie Edwards. In spite of his flight delays due to the weather conditions, he and his wife Dr. Tanya Edwards arrived in just the right moment of the program. With great enthusiasm Bishop Edwards entertained and inspired the audience. He shared personal realizations in his faith journey and his blessed family life. Among the many captivating stories was the question he presented to True Father on issue of his messiahship. The audience responded well to the notion that we all need to share in the messianic mandate.

Mr. Paul Tamale was the acting MC and was able to harmonize all the elements of the main program. The inspiration and education on stage was followed by much festivity with the cutting of the cake, live music and live performances and concluded with a lot of dancing.

All around the event brought much joy and optimism to all involved.