Canada: 4th Annual True Parents’ Birthday Celebration


By FFWPU Canada, Larry Krishnek

The FFWPU families and the Universal Peace Federation of Western Canada hosted the 4th annual True Parents’ Birthday Celebration at the Hilton Hotel in beautiful Vancouver, BC.

Celebrating on the 28th of January, the Lunar New Year and Heavenly Parents’ Day, added to an already significant gathering. Rev. Katsumi Kambashi together with a very motivated community, brought together Ambassadors for Peace, Religious leaders, friends and family to come to a deeper understanding of the significance of our True Parents.

Canadian National Leader, Dr. Moon Shik Kim, traveled from Toronto to deliver the keynote address in which he shared the mission the projects and history of the True Parents. His report was not just informative, but gave us personal insight into the True Parents nature as well.

Cindy Song, Falun Dafa (Falun Gong) practitioner offered a congratulatory message. She spoke of her 3 years of imprisonment in China and how she and Father Moon both understand the evil of Communism and the need to continually work to end abuses of human rights.

Rev. Larry Krishnek, CIG IW for the Western U.S. shared his personal testimony. He showed photos and told stories of some of his personal encounters with Father and Mother and spoke of his sudden transition from purposelessness to hope and clarity upon hearing the Divine Principle in 1973.

The final speaker of the evening, Rev. In Chan Park, FFWPU District Pastor from the Northwest US, gave us some perspectives on the Holy Marriage Blessing. Men and women need one another to be completed human beings. The Blessing is the way to that completion.

The musical offerings from opera singer Julie Duerichen stirred our souls, and the performance of Mr. Slava Alexandrov and his Balalaika studio was delightful.

Once again the Western Canada families lifted the understanding of our True Parents to a higher level. The spirit of the evening was delightful and no one was in a hurry to leave. Many who hadn’t met before were engaged in warm conversation as the evening ended. Truly Cheon Il Guk took a step forward in Canada.