Brazil: The Year 2017 Began


FFWPU Brazil, Inowan Almeida

We from the Santo Amaro´s church hold an event to begin the new year in partnership with FFWPU Brazil Headquarters on the first day of January 2017 at Seminário Central, São Bernardo do Campo, which is a wonderful place owned by our church and usually used for education programs and workshops. This was a time for members and families to get together and have a joyful time to begin a new.

With the participation of nearly 600 people, including blessed families, new members, CARP Brazil members, guests from Oikos, etc. We felt God´s love was present through the harmony among the participants which were from different nationalities, races and beliefs on a beautiful festive day.

During the event everyone shared joyful moments with delicious foods prepared with lots of love of our staff. There were also lots of leisure moments and competitive games, members and guests could have the opportunity to enjoy peaceful nature that God has given us.

And so with a great hope, we began a very successful 2017 together with our Heavenly Parent and True Parents and all our brothers and sisters in all around the world!