Brazil: Project +70 – 100-day period

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By FFWPU Brazil, Santo Amaro´s Center, Inowan Almeida

Aligned with the objective of accomplishing the 2020 Vision established by True Mother, Santo Amaro´s church set goals to be accomplished during 100 days jeongsong period. The heavenly messiah tribal activities had two main focus: testimony and prepare participants for the Blessing

The goal of Santo Amaro´s church is to obtain 70 new members in a 100 days period. In order to achieve this goal, it was created the Project +70 that has been a role model project for ministers, regional and leaders in Brazil.

Inside of the Project +70 we would like to highlight the testimony as the main pillar of the project. Members gather close to church centers and place where home church is conducted and start testifying, as taught by Father, door to door in the neighborhood. As said by True Father “you have to go door to door as you were exploring, digging for gold nuggets. You have to visit many places. There´s no other way, but this”.

The objective of the Testimony Initiative is to bring the biggest number of guests for 1-day workshop held on church center. There´s other initiative named “Workshop in my Home” where Divine Principle lectures are given inside of member’s house in a few hours period after testimony, supported by Home Groups and marketing action. 140 guests already attend those meetings.

Inside of the Project +70 other activities are held such as:

  • 7 Days’ Workshop during the night – Focus for those that don´t have the availability to go through a traditional full 7 days Divine Principe Workshop. 31 people attended this event during the jeongseong period.
  • Big Workshop – once a month all members invest in order to bring at least 1 guest for the Divine Principle workshop at Santo Amaro´s church. 42 people attended this 1 Day Workshop.
  • 7 Days Traditional Workshop – Once a months all Home Groups invest in order to bring at least 1 guest for the Principle Divine workshop held at Seminário Centre, São Bernardo do Campo.