Austria: World Peace Blessing


By FFWPU Austria, Elisabeth Cook

On Sunday, January 22nd, 2017 FFWPU Vienna hosted a World Peace Blessing Ceremony. Three couples and one lady whose husband has already ascended to the Spirit world were blessed. Around 60 members of the Vienna church attended the event and contributed to its beautiful atmosphere.

Two of the couples are Ambassadors of Peace. All of those who were blessed have been close to our movement for a long time. They also represented two different Christian denominations (Roman-Catholic and Evangelical) and Muslims (Alevits). In preparation, several Divine Principle workshops were held in order to create a better foundation for the couples to understand the value of the Blessing.

The program of the ceremony was surrounded by beautiful songs of the newly founded “Vienna Peace Choir”. We felt very honored that the Special Adviser for Austria, Rev An was present the ceremony as well. Dr. Wolfgang Czerny gave the congratulatory speech, and two young sisters played a Beethoven sonata to congratulate the couples.

After the ceremony we had a beautiful musical entertainment by a guitarist and a harmonica player, followed by lunch which had been prepared with much love from our members. Each of the couples got a booklet with the description of the 40 day separation time and the three day ceremony in order to prepare for these steps.

In conclusion I would like to thank the brothers and sisters who worked hard in preparation of this Blessing by teaching and supporting the workshops and the event itself. In our hearts we all are most grateful to True Parents for having built the foundation so that the Blessing has become possible for all mankind!