Austria: Christmas Celebration


By WFWP Austria

The Austrian WFWP was the initiator and main force behind the Christmas celebration of this year.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      We were so happy to be able to invite the newly founded “Vienna Peace Choir”! This choir had existed many years ago, but then ended. In autumn of this year choir leader Wolfgang Zewe made a new start, and within a short time he could train the members to perform beautiful Christmas songs!

Mrs. Renate Amesbauer, WFWP president, welcomed everyone to the afternoon program. Then Mrs. Marinela Stefanc took over the role of the MC.

Guests had come from WFWP and from the FFWPU. Besides the choir young Unificationists performed musical pieces.

In her talk Mrs. Ulli Schütz from the Family Federation made everyone think about Jesus – the circumstances of his birth, his life and his mission.

Mrs. Belind Mikosz, psychotherapist who worked with children for many years, introduced 4 of her books which she wrote for children.

Mrs. Amesbauer introduced Ms. Janet Mwera from Kenia. Through her WFWP Austria got to know a school taking care of AIDs /HIV orphans. Since last summer four of the children have been supported by several families.

The income of the Christmas bazar of the evening was also donated to the same school.

Finally, after more Christmas songs led by a professional singer, Mrs. Alexandra H., the guests could enjoy the Christmas buffet and the bazar.

Thanks to you to the WFWP Austria for all their efforts and for a beautiful afternoon for guests and members!