And a Happy New Year began in Benin


By FFWPU Benin, Tatsuo sasaki


CARP Benin

CARP Benin accomplished their goal of the year 2016 on December 25, by having 404 University students finished 7-day Divine Principle workshop, and 2240 university students participated in one-day Divine Principle workshop.

CARP Benin also organized third Student festival on January 7th, 2017 at our Peace Embassy, with 151 participants, from those students who finished 7-day workshop.

President of Benin at the center

UPF Benin

We deeply feel that the heavenly way is completely opened from top to down. That is why, during 2016 we met President of Benin. Dr. Paterne and had a chance to explained about our activities in Benin and all around the world for around 40 minutes. And he listened very carefully.

King of Abomey kingdom sitting left

The King of Amoney Kingdom also participated in one of UPF events here in and nominated as Peace Ambassador. Governor of Zou prefecture participated in our event and became a Peace Ambassador. The mayor of Zogbodome, chief of 9th commune of Cotonou city, Chiefs of many villages like many other vips participated in our events and they are happy with True Parents worldwide work.

WFWP Benin also began anew with a revival meeting.