4th Asian Parents Matching Convocation


by Asia Blessed Family Department, Ursula McLackland

BFD Asia conducted its 4th Asian Parents Matching Convocation (PMC) in Bangkok from Jan. 2 -3, 2017. With each PMC, the number of parents and profiles of Asian candidates on display is rising. This time we had 26 parents and Matching Advisers representing 26 candidates from 7 countries in attendance. In addition, another 40 parents attended the education program in order to prepare themselves and their children for the parents matching process.

Besides the main education on current guidelines for candidate qualification and the parents matching process, testimonies by a parent and a 2nd gen attracted the parents’ special attention. Moonoie Niyomchoke from Thailand was introduced to his match from Japan during the 2nd Asian PMC in Bangkok one year ago and they held a beautiful commitment ceremony last September. Mrs. Elaine Ng from Singapore shared how she got in touch with the parents of her son’s match from the Philippines during the 3rd Asian PMC in September of last year and the two families were going to conduct their children’s commitment ceremony right after her return to Singapore. Such success stories told with bright smiles gave hope to other parents that they will also be able to find matches made in heaven for their children.

Another special feature of this PMC was special presentation on “Overcome Yourself” by the Asian Regional President’s wife, Mrs. Yoshie Sasaki Yong. She had given this powerful lecture to their children during the Asian 2nd Gen workshops just a few days before and the parents could connect through this to the experience of their children. We always stress the importance of the parents participating in their children’s workshops so that they can connect with their children’s hearts.

Next PMC, we want to educate parents more deeply on True Father’s view on who is an ideal mate for our children. By studying True Father’s words on this topic we hope that parents can connect to Heavenly Parent and True Parent’s wish for their children more deeply and truly inherit True Parents’ matching tradition.

This time, we provided parents with a ppt template on how to introduce their children to the audience in a 5- min presentation. This worked very well and all parents could present the important aspects of their children within the given time.

The next day, the parents and matching advisors had time to look at all the profiles, over 100 including those from other regions, and interact with each other. I believe over the coming year many more beautiful matches will come about as the result of this PMC.

At the end of each PMC, we hold a BFD leaders and Matching Advisors meeting to evaluate and improve the PMC each time, as well as discuss other important BFD matters. We could see the positive effect of setting a clear and unified standard for candidate qualification, forms and profiles last year. This time, we focused more on sharing and developing the educational content of our Blessing Workshops in the region. As the number of children reaching matching age in Asia rises rapidly, we recognize the urgent need to train qualified matching advisors in all major cities or regions with elder blessed children, we will also conduct a special Matching Advisors training after the next PMC in June.