With the Members in the NorthEast Region

By FFWPU NorthEast Region

Russian-Korean-Japanese Dance Evening In Moscow

On December 16 Moscow CARP organized Russian-Korean-Japanese dancing party with 23 participants including 5 guests from DP lecture education and 5 guests from Korean study group. Representatives from Korea, Russia and Japan shared about specific moments of national dances and held dance master class.

CARP Georgia – “global family”

On December 17, CARP Georgia organized the program “GLOBAL FAMILY: Day of Korean culture”, where a presentation about Korea was made. There were 13 participants including one guest and a Korean representative who answered questions. Later all participants were divided in two groups and played Yut game. New guest has made a decision to join one-day workshop on December 24.

HJ Culture Sunday Service In Latvia

On December 18 the HJ Culture Sunday Service was held at the Peace Embassy in Riga. There was performance and exchange of presents. Several guests attended and new guests received True Father’s autobiography. After finishing service, the art class for 2gens and some guests was organized.

1st Seonghwa Group Winter Workshop in Lithuania and Christmas Celebration for 2nd Generation

From 17th to 18th of December, with HyoJeong spirit first SeongHwa (HARP) 2nd generation elder group winter workshop was held in Lithuania. 9 children over 8 years old attended. They had prayer at Holy ground and morning HDH. On December 18 all 2nd generation gathered to celebrate Christmas with dancing, singing and other entertainments.