With the blessed families in the Northeast Region

By FFWPU Northeast



Ambassadors for Peace in Azerbaijan Welcomed IAPP

The International peacemaking conference attended by the delegates from Azerbaijan, Georgia, Russia, Japan and the Republic of Korea was held in Baku in the conference center “Irshad” on November 26. The forum was chaired by the former Prime Minister, Rahim Huseynov.


Video-Conference of National Leaders

On Wednesday, November 23, a video-conference of National Leaders of the Northeast Region took place in the Peace Embassy in Moscow. The main issues of discussion were revitalization of home members’ activity and increase of Sunday Service attendance.


One-Day Seminar for Inheritance of 4 Holy Items in Lithuania

On November 28 there was one-day Special Seminar for inheritance of Four Holy Items. All members and Blessed families listened lecture “True Parents life course and applying of life Divine Principle with Heavenly Tribal Messiah.”


“Dream” Workshop in Latvia

On November 25-26 a 2-day “Dream” workshop was held for guests together with the CIG Japanese missionaries in the Latvia Peace Embassy. There were Divine principle lectures and activities.


True Parents Course Workshop in Ulyanovsk

On November 28-29 the “True Parents course” workshop for 11 participants was held in Ulyanovsk. The lecturer Mr. Igor Rumyantsev gave seven lectures and personally consulted some members one-to-one. This was inspiration for local members.