USA: November 2 Day Retreat


BY CARP Las Vegas

On the weekend of November 18-20, CARP Las Vegas held a Two Day Divine Principle workshop. Four guests attended, and for two of those guests it was their first time attending a Divine Principle workshop. In addition, four young adults from the Las Vegas Family Church attended the workshop. We started on Friday evening with icebreakers that had everyone laughing and falling out of our seats. Then we wound down the night with some reflective activities that allowed us to think of the importance of True Love in our lives, and to set our intentions for the next day.

Saturday morning, we held a special twenty-one-minute prayer at Sunset Park, and gathered back for the day’s lectures. Rev. Akira Ota, formerly the pastor of the Virginia Beach FFWPU church and new resident of Las Vegas, gave the lectures. His passion and simplicity moved everyone’s hearts. In the afternoon, everyone enjoyed sports together before the afternoon lectures. Finally, we closed the night sharing testimonies over a bonfire. It was an impactful experience for everyone. We are looking forward to our 5 Day Divine Principle Retreat in December!