True Parents’ News: Weekly Update

PeaceTV December 17, 2016


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This week we cover:

  1. True Parents’ Message
  • True Parents’ Message at the Inauguration of IAPP
  1. True Parents News
  • True Parents’ Special Gathering to Celebrate the Victory of the Regional Inaugurations of IAPP and True Parents’ Return to Korea
  1. Global News
  • Tribal Messiahship (Thailand: Heavenly Tribal Messiah Home Group Leaders Workshop, Asian Leadership Conference, Pure Love Movement / Japan: Second Certification Ceremony for Official District Family Churches and a Workshop / DR Congo, Liberia: Heavenly Tribal Messiah Blessing / Kenya: One day Divine Principle Seminar)
  • Peace Projects (Paraguay: Tongil Mudo and Il Won Do Workshop / Italy: Sports and Human Rights Conference / Slovakia: UPF holds Unification Thought lecture at Zhilina University)
  • Youth Projects (Albania: 5 day Divine Principle Workshop / Cambodia: 21 Day Top Gun Workshop / Zambia: 10-Day Youth Divine Principle Workshop / Uganda: Pure Love Club Camp / Malaysia: Pure Love Youth Assembly)
  • Church News (Korea: 2016 Hopes and Dreams Conference / Korea: Yeongnam Region Joint Service / Korea: National Assembly Symposium for the Realization of the Korea-Japan Undersea Tunnel / Korea: 2016 Tongil Group Executives Workshop / Japan: District 1 23rd Winter Worship Revival)